Callum McIntosh

'It has impressive facilities that have met every need and desire...'

  • Callum McIntosh

Studying towards a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and Statistics with endorsements in Ecology and Environmental Science

Callum’s ‘passion for protecting our environment’ motivated him to study Statistics and a range of environment-focused subjects, to gain an understanding of how the world works and what can be done to support it.

‘Ecology is the study of how organisms interact and interactions are what life is made of! Statistics enables us to use powerful tools of analysis to understand these interactions. I want to engage in research regarding the modelling of large-scale biological data, preferably of an ecological nature.

‘Data science is becoming more and more important, I highly rate my Statistics major.’

Hailing from Nelson, Callum decided on UC for its reputation in Science subjects and passionate lecturers. ‘It is recognised as a premier research university. The new Science facilities being constructed makes for a promising environment,’ he says.

To get a good start with uni life, Callum chose to stay in Bishop Julius Hall student accommodation to build some independence and preparation.

‘I recognised that it was a vital part of life as a university student and that it was helpful as a transition between home life and flatting. The people, staff and residents alike, are top notch. It has impressive facilities that have met every need and desire.’

His highlight of studying here is definitely the student community and clubs scene, allowing him to get amongst other students and develop interests.

‘The clubs system is incredibly well-managed,’ he says. ‘To all new students, pick a few clubs and get involved with them! Meet those who you share a passion with. I became super involved in UCUC – the ultimate Frisbee club – this year. It’s been a great way to stay fit and the frisbee crew throw the best flat parties.’

Ashley Beaton

Ashley Beaton

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