Anjali George

'Postgraduate studies at UC have been a stepping-stone to an exciting career in Speech and Language Therapy...'

  • Anjali George

Master of Science in Speech and Language Sciences

Speech Language Therapist, Ministry of Education

Research in Communication Disorders is a subject that Anjali is especially passionate for because of how much it can affect people’s lives.

‘Communication is the only means by which one can gain and express ideas, thoughts or knowledge. I strongly believe that ability to communicate to the best of one’s ability will help an individual gain more satisfaction and improve the quality of life.

‘Learning how to enable others to achieve this has been the most rewarding aspect of my degree,’ she says.

Anjali had travelled down from India to pursue her master’s at UC.

‘UC has established a reputation of its own in the field of Education. The quality of the faculty, the diverse areas of ongoing research, the carefully designed depth and breadth of courses, and the cultural diversity in the postgraduate school have been the right ambience to nurture my academic interests and work towards my goal.’

New Zealand was also a strong factor when it came to choosing a university.

‘New Zealand occupies a pivotal position as far as international education facilities are concerned. Well-disciplined and cultured governance and the people make New Zealand a safe spot for all to choose as an ideal place for any venture, especially education. New Zealand with its blue oceans and green pastures is also famous for its scenic beauty.’

At UC, Anjali made a point of getting involved with student life. She stayed in the ‘safe and secure’ Ilam Apartments on campus and joined several student clubs, including Huge, Christian Union, and UCanDance.

She also made use of UC’s support services.

‘While I was doing my master’s degree, I had a serious accident which had a huge impact on my daily life. Determination to complete my master’s degree along with the phenomenal and outstanding support I received from the staff at the Communication Disorders Department and the Student Support Services enabled me to complete my degree in time.’

The support paid off, with Anjali’s research eventually accepted to be published in the Topics in Language Disorders journal in 2013.

After graduating, Anjali received her dream job as a Speech Language Therapist for the Ministry of Education, providing support and specialist service to young people that have communication impairments.

‘I believe that postgraduate studies at this University have been a stepping-stone to an exciting career in Speech and Language Therapy,’ she says. ‘I want to be able to make a difference in the lives of these young people I work with.

‘I look forward to a career where I can not only use my academic background to achieve my goals, but also make original scientific contributions to my field of interest and to mankind in general.’

Her journey so far has been of big value to Anjali as she works toward that goal.

‘New Zealand is definitely a home away from home. I have made life-long friends and have thoroughly enjoyed my time at UC.’

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