Fariya Naseem

'It was a big decision for me to come here and the staff and other students were very welcoming...'

  • Fariya Naseem

Graduate Diploma of Teaching and Learning (Secondary)

Physics Teacher, St Andrew’s College, Christchurch

Fariya had earned degrees in Education and Electrical Engineering at universities in India before deciding to enrol at UC to gain a professional qualification in secondary teaching.

'I had been teaching as a Science teacher overseas,' she says. 'I wanted to continue contributing in the life of teenagers and wanted to gather more experience with a wider range of students. When I was finding universities and I read the sparkling profiles of the UC professors, I was amazed and I decided this was where I wanted to go.'

She certainly found UC to be exactly what she wanted from a university.

'I love UC and New Zealand. People are kind and respectful. It was a big decision for me to come here and the staff and other students were very welcoming. I could attend many cultural events and could make friends from different countries.

'UC cares a lot for their students, starting from the day you land in New Zealand to the academic and medical needs, it caters for all your needs.'

New Zealand itself was also a great country for Fariya to find herself in.

'New Zealand is a beautiful country. It offers world-class education and the whole atmosphere out here is so welcoming. I am quite impressed by Māori culture as well especially by the way they greet each other.'

Teaching Science was Fariya's biggest passion due to her love for practical learning in her own studies.

'Science is all about doing. Learning by doing is what I like in my subject. The best part of my degree was that it taught me about the practical aspects of teaching and had me actually teaching in New Zealand schools for two seven-week sections and also made me develop my own philosophy of teaching and learning.'

Fariya has particularly enjoyed campus life at UC.

'I have enjoyed my classes and the massive libraries. I love the connectedness I share with my teachers. The support and guidance provided by them has really helped me make the right choices as a student teacher. I also enjoyed my walks in UC as the campus is widely spread and is very green.'

After graduating Fariya taught Physics at Hornby High School for a year. She recently got a permanent role at St Andrew's College also teaching Physics at NCEA levels 2 and 3.

'I aim to become a teacher of excellence,' she says. 'I feel that I can be a good teacher if I am a good learner myself and can create life-long learners. I aim to bring more students to Science and especially Physics.'

Fariya strongly encourages others thinking of teaching as a career to make the most of a teaching degree.

'Have faith in your abilities and keep moving forward. Teaching is all about passion and persistence. UC is the right place for you if you want to shape your future.'

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