Zac Porter

'There's a really supportive club framework on campus that boosts you up and allows you to make an impact...'

  • Zac Porter

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Master of Science in Psychology


How would you describe the UC campus?

There's something going on every day. You just have to pick and choose what to go to, because you can't go to everything! There's a nice cruisy vibe here. Everyone is mingling and chatting, and you always bump into mates.

What would you say is most unique about UC?

You can't go past the clubs. They’re the backbone of student life. They create a sense of community and there’s a lot of learning you can get from them as well.

Favourite club?

It would have to be UC Bike. I've been with them for the last couple of years, including running the club in 2017. We teamed up with the UC Sustainability Council to offer free bike servicing every week for students and staff, and ended up winning the Green Club award.

Congrats! How’s the ‘exec’ experience?

It's busy! But it's rewarding, because you get to take club in the direction you think it needs to go in. There's a really supportive club framework on campus that boosts you up and allows you to make an impact.

You’re studying psychology – any highlights so far?

I took an elective paper about the sociology of gangs. We got to meet the president of the Hastings Mongrel Mob. Our lecturer arranged for the whole crew to come into our classroom. It was a bit intimidating but they seemed alright. It made you realise that they’re real people, with families. They're not just the "bad guys".

Where are you off to next?

I went to Beijing for six weeks this summer for an internship. We interned with ChristchurchNZ, which is a company that promotes the city as a place to live and study. It was a great opportunity to experience a different culture and see new ways of studying and teaching.

Looking back, are you glad you chose UC?

Definitely. I was a bit hesitant at first because I’m from Christchurch. I thought I'd want to get away from the family for a bit. But I've realised that UC is an awesome campus and now I'm really glad I stayed!


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