Chenice Whearty

'The MBM programme was the perfect opportunity for me to become more appealing in the workforce...'

  • Chenice Whearty

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Master of Business Management

Graduate Role, Institutional Operations Division, ANZ

Chenice did a GAP year in Salisbury, England after leaving high school to travel around the UK and Europe. Finding it the trip of a lifetime, Chenice then returned to New Zealand to begin her studies.

'While overseas I was immersed in many different cultures and saw how much the world has to offer. It was such an exciting time. From taking university tours while at school I was attracted to UC, and once I was here it was Psychology that grabbed my attention and I pursued that as my undergraduate degree.'

Chenice says she was attracted to the way Psychology requires a combination of both statistical skills and logical thinking, while being directly applicable to social situations.

'Psychology has such a strong human element, especially social psychology, so I have found it to be useful in everything I do. The working world relies heavily on the personal interactions you make with people. Psychology is also an interesting point of discussion to hold with anyone!

Chenice had always thought of going on to postgraduate study and decided to take on the MBM programme, due to its emphasis on shaping students from all subject backgrounds with skills for business and commercial practices.

'When I gave my future real consideration the MBM programme was the perfect opportunity for me to become more appealing in the workforce,' she says. 'I knew it was a great opportunity as it would set me up with knowledge in business and a skill set that could open more doors in the corporate world, while still complementing my BA.

'The MBM programme has proven itself with my graduate role at ANZ. The course has a great balance of practical, real-life and industry-related skills and knowledge. It has allowed me to gain that business advantage with my background in Psychology, and the combination of the two gives me a unique selling point in the workforce. The courses have really developed my learning style and given me a lot of independence as a student.'

As such, Chenice highly endorses the MBM for other students to consider.

'I cannot express strongly enough how beneficial it has been as an addition to my undergraduate degree in Psychology. The MBM has opened up so many more opportunities for me already in just six months.'

Chenice's involvement with UC's community has been the highlight of her time as a student. With her first two years spent living in College House on campus, Chenice has also been an active member of the UC Commerce Society (UCom), having previously been the Academic Officer and currently the Industry Liaison.

'My time at UC has been made more enjoyable by the student events organised on campus, and being a part of UCom has allowed me to be further involved in student life. The clubs on campus are a differentiating feature compared to other universities. The club events are anticipated by the student body and sell out faster and faster every year. There is an incredible spirit at UC to be involved with what the university offers and to be a part of making something special.'

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