Adam Kuang

'I have a solid foundation thanks to both the Mechanical Engineering and Physics Departments...'

  • Adam Kuang

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Physics

Graduate Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

It was the ‘quest for clean renewable energy’ that lead Adam to study Mechanical Engineering and Physics at UC. Originally from Singapore, his study focused on particle physics as well as fluid mechanics and dynamics.

Choosing UC was an obvious choice for Adam, as ‘it was the best Science and Engineering institute in New Zealand.’

As such, Adam recommends both subjects at UC to those thinking of finding a way to contribute to the need for sustainable engineering. ‘The rewards are worth it,’ he says.

After the exciting opportunity to go on an exchange to the University of Alberta in Canada through UC, Adam had the chance to see first-hand what other universities around the world are doing in the field of Physics.

‘The unique properties of plasmas require a mixture of knowledge from all fields. It was one of the highlights of undergrad! It allowed me to be immersed in a different university culture. It was heartening to learn that the education at UC is truly world class as I was able to go toe to toe with my new classmates, giving me the confidence to apply for graduate schools overseas.

‘It was also a brilliant opportunity to explore a truly untouched land with rugged mountains and biting winter. Dog sledding at night in -50 degrees Celsius winds, with the aurora borealis in the skies above is a memory I will never forget.’

Currently, Adam has taken his studies further at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the USA within the Plasma Science and Fusion Centre.

‘My research focuses on developing diagnostic tools for the direct measurement of fusion plasma. They involve plunging tungsten tipped probes into the plasma for split second measurements. Due to the high temperatures in the plasma, we can only take direct measurements right at the edge, but this is sufficient to analyse boundary plasma physics.

‘The hope is that with a better understanding of the boundary plasma, confinement methods can be improved which would one day make fusion a viable energy source.’

With such rewarding research in the works, Adam says he has the people at UC to thank for the opportunity.

‘I was inspired by the wonderful people at UC to pursue further studies beyond my Bachelor’s degree. My lecturers were instrumental in providing support and guiding me.

‘I have a solid foundation thanks to both the Mechanical Engineering and Physics Departments. The approachability of faculty at UC has helped me in my interactions as a graduate student.’

All in all, Adam can say that studying at UC has helped him towards his goal of finding an environmentally friendly energy resource.

‘I am proud to be from UC,’ he says.

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