Rosanna Katene

'You get to build really strong friendships with your peers...'

  • Rosanna Katene

(Ngāi Tahu, Te Arawa)

Bachelor of Education and Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning (Secondary) specialising in Physical Education*

Assistant Head of Learning Area for Health and PE, Linwood College

Teaching is a two-way street for Rosanna, who loves her work as a secondary teacher in Christchurch.

‘I can share what I know, but I also learn a lot from my students,’ she says. ‘Teaching’s cool because I can be a positive role model for young people and have a positive impact in their lives.’

Having specialised in Physical Education for her degree at UC, Rosanna teaches Health Education and Physical Education classes and is an Assistant Head teacher for the subjects.

‘As well as teaching in the classroom, I love to get involved with the sport and culture and am the teacher in charge of touch rugby and basketball.’

She says the practical training in the degree in particular meant she was ‘fully prepared and confident enough’ to enter the profession.

‘My degree was truly special in giving me the ability to cope as a beginning teacher and contribute to the departments and schools that I am part of. We were able to complete at least one teaching placement each year which gave us truly valuable lessons and experience, and ensured we knew what to expect.’

Rosanna went into teaching after a former teacher in her home town of Timaru, mid-Canterbury, recommended she should try the UC degree.

‘I like Christchurch and was excited to move to a bigger city,’ she says. ‘I wanted to be surrounded by like-minded people who enjoyed the same thing as me.

‘I enjoyed studying at the College of Education because it is a really friendly environment. The best part of the degree is that it has smaller class sizes. You get to build really strong friendships with your peers, and the lecturers are really supportive and get to know you well.’

Rosanna also made the most of her time outside lectures to make new friends.

‘I loved playing basketball for the varsity basketball team. I still play for them even though I’ve graduated. It has been a great way to meet new people.

‘UC has a lot to offer when it comes to clubs and sports. Joining clubs is also a great way to get involved with different gigs and events. The events we had at UC were epic and the UCSA does a really good job of getting great acts to Christchurch.’

* From 2011 this qualification was named Bachelor of Education (Physical Education).

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