David Thoo Sheng Wei

'That is what I really love about UC, you get the opportunity to experience so many different things...'

  • David Thoo

Foundation Studies Certificate

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Natural Resources Engineering

‘My best advice for other international students is to put yourself out there, get to know people and never be shy to step out of your comfort zone. People here are much friendlier than you think they are,’ David says.

After attending UCIC for Foundations studies, David chose to study Engineering at UC. As a recipient of the Special College of Engineering Award, David was able to combine his studies with his environmentalism.

‘New Zealand is well known for having most of its nature untouched by urbanisation. Seeing this resounded with my interest in being sustainable while not neglecting development.’

Growing his knowledge in the engineering field whilst remaining true to his sustainable ethos is possible though his specialised Natural Resource Engineering degree.

‘My career goal is to become an engineer with a focus on designing a sustainable future. I am aiming to be the one who helps and ensures sustainable engineering, minimising the negative impacts on our environment and at the same time improving our way of life.’

Motivated by the idea of protecting the environment while improving the future, David was encouraged to pursue higher education at UC.

‘My passion for the environment first started by watching documentaries. Growing up, I loved documentary channels, like Animal Planet, Discovery Channel and National Geographic. From such documentaries, I got to explore the world from home.’

UC’s state-of-the-art facilities and friendly academics have given David the best opportunity to excel academically.

‘The interactions I have with tutors and lecturers are friendly and encouraging,’ he says.

‘Given that I wanted to study engineering, UC was one of the top choices. Knowing UC has built and still is constantly improving their facilities and buildings, gives me a very efficient learning process.’

The supportive services offered at UC, like the Academic Skills Centre, are available to all students including international students!

‘The support that the University offers is magnificent. There’s just so much that the university has to offer from International help to the Academic Skills Centre, Careers advice, and UC Mentors.’

Students create and run over 140 clubs and societies at UC! Being able to join and run clubs helps students like David find a space to create, connect and enjoy what New Zealand has to offer.

‘I know almost everyone from UC says that the university clubs scene here is huge, and the thing is, it really is! Every single time I turn up for clubs day, I discover clubs that I have never seen before, that is what I really love about UC, you get the opportunity to experience so many different things.’

UC’s largest club, the Student Volunteer Army, is a student led club which organises 4 large scale volunteer events per year. The club was founded by students following the 2010 Christchurch earthquake and continues to thrive, with over 2,300 volunteer members.

‘For the past two years, I have taken part in the Student Volunteer Army’s Big Give. It is a real and fulfilling experience. Our goal was to help restore different nature reserves for the public working alongside Conservation NZ.’

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