Elizabeth (Lizzie) Garside

'There aren’t many places where you can reach the mountains, beaches, or rivers so easily...'

  • Lizzie Garside

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Mechanical Engineering

I chose UC so that I could make the most of going to university whilst being able to travel and explore new places. There aren’t many places where you can reach the mountains, beaches, or rivers so easily.’

Lizzie, originally from Manchester in the UK, takes full advantage of Christchurch’s climate and active lifestyle.

‘I have travelled the length of the country, kayaked through the fiords, visited treaty grounds, seen the intelligence of keas, and skied through winter, surfed in summer, and skated around town.’

She says the city centre’s revitalisation efforts have made Christchurch more vibrant and exciting, with new buildings, street art, and markets and bars by the riverside.

Lizzie loves the whole experience living and studying at UC.

‘It has been easy to make the most of activities and to meet new people in University clubs. I have been involved with the Climbing Club at UC all the way through my degree. It has been the best way to meet like-minded people and for me to keep active.’

Slacklining club, Canoe Club, and CUSSC (snow sports) are but a few things keeping Lizzie busy while studying.

She says that her Engineering degree offers a lot of socialising with classmates within team projects, workshops, and events.

Her degree has also included two summer internships to get out into the industry.

‘This gives you the necessary skills and helps you to understand the workplace to help you succeed beyond the degree. The internships helped me narrow down the type of industry that would suit me.

‘My placement took place at Hamilton Jet in Christchurch. Here, I worked for the manufacturing engineering department. Manufacturing Engineering is an area that I thought was interesting from my third-year papers. From doing the placement, I have identified what to look out for when looking at graduate positions.’

During her final year, Lizzie will choose course options which she hopes will help her to decide where her passion lies and what industry she would like to work in.

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