Katy Bergstrom

'UC offers a special combined Mathematics and Economics programme…'

  • Katy bergstrom

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Economics

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Economics

PhD student, Stanford University, California, USA

Katy Bergstrom’s degree choices have combined well with her love of travel and should set her up for an interesting career. After finishing her honours degree, Katy started her career working in the Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s Economics Department. She says that her degree was instrumental in getting the role.

‘Having a Maths degree makes you stand out to employers… Maths provides you with problem-solving skills that are very useful in many other subjects – especially Economics. It is a tough degree, but it is so rewarding and pays off in the long run.’

During her honours year and after an exchange experience to Oxford University, Katy made up her mind to one day pursue a PhD in Economics at a top US university. She is now in her third year of study at Stanford University.

‘Having a mathematics background helped my application immensely. It was through the encouragement and support of my UC professors that I was lucky enough to end up at Stanford.

‘I enjoy the wide range of skills I have obtained from studying Maths. It has allowed me to consider many possible career paths and different fields of study,’ she says. ‘The area of Economics I am most interested in is international economics, hence I chose to do an international-based research project for my honours degree.’

Katy feels that the combination of Mathematics with Economics is particularly strong at UC, and this is the main reason she chose to come to Christchurch to study.

‘Canterbury offers a wide range of courses in both subjects and offers a special combined Mathematics and Economics programme. Also, Canterbury offers many scholarships in these fields, in particular the John McMillan Scholarship in Mathematics and Economics, which paid for my tuition fees for my first year of study.’

Having made the move, Katy found life as a student at UC very enjoyable.

‘The student clubs and societies are always putting on great events. Canterbury has a beautiful campus and everyone is very friendly – there is a real sense of community at Canterbury which became very evident after the earthquakes. The students want to get involved and be active in society. Even after the earthquakes, there was still no question about studying at Canterbury – in fact, everyone I knew couldn’t wait to get back.’

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