Caleb Lau Lee King

'Nature in New Zealand was the attraction, and so is the lovely, genuine people...'

  • Caleb Lau

Studying towards a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Statistics

Caleb is striving for success and extending his social life at UC! It was the outdoors which drew the Malaysian national to Canterbury.

‘Going on road trips, climbing mountains and finding new spots to enjoy the sunset was a luxurious thing to do back home. Now, it is now only around the corner.’

It’s not all fun and games for the Bachelor of Science student. Alongside his outdoor pursuits he is dedicated and hard-working in the classroom.

‘UC is famous for its Engineering, which shows the high standard it holds in the Mathematics field.’

Caleb is a frequent member of the UC RecCentre and enjoys playing social sport through their free student programme.

For Caleb, the friendly faces around campus are a constant bonus.

‘The nature in New Zealand was the attraction, so is the lovely, genuine people.

‘UC has diverse students, majoring in different subjects, so there are many personalities. I really enjoy interacting with different people.’

The courses available at UC allowed Caleb to learn in a constructive environment and how to extend his critical thinking.

‘I had no experience in coding before taking STAT 221, but it really encouraged me to explore, think and learn in a different way.’

The driven Mathematics and Statistics major finds time to excel in his studies and socially. Caleb is the President of the UC Young Club.

‘Young UC was a whole new experience, doing things in a new culture and society.’

Societies and clubs are a vital and thriving aspect at UC. Clubs like Canterbury Malaysian Student’s Association (CMSA), ease the transition for International students like Caleb.

‘Being part of the large CMSA club gave me so much warmth, to be around with people of familiar tongue and culture. It is often a relief to hang out with them once in a while. Malam Malaysia, one of the largest events of CMSA, always brings people closer to each other.’

Choosing to do a degree at UC has given Caleb a taste of the real world.

‘I found myself a more capable and mature person. What is more precious than getting to face my inner problems boldly, which I would never be bothered to do if it was not for studying abroad?

‘I was blessed enough to receive academic rewards from UCIC and UC, as a recognition of high achievements. Which was not part of my expectations.’

Going forward, Caleb wishes to further his studies and pursue a career as an Academic.

David Fey

David Fey

'UC was offering exactly the types of classes I was looking for...'

Nic Steyn

Nicholas Steyn

'It provides an awesome range of subjects that I couldn’t get any other way...'