Yinong (Tate) Jiang

'It is always easy to reach a balance between study and leisure at UC...'

  • Yinong Jiang

Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing

IT Sales Consultant, PB Technologies Ltd


Being from Yangzhou China, how has life been in New Zealand since studying here?

I enjoy my life here in UC and Christchurch, it is not a fast-paced life and I had plenty of time to relax and plan my life well. It is always easy to reach a balance between study and leisure at UC, and both Uni staff and local people are friendly and always willing to help.

What I enjoy most about New Zealand is in fact everyone can find a group of people who have the same or similar interest, and then turn that into a regular habit and enjoy it. Whether it was football or drones, aviation or aurora watching, I could always find a bunch of people who were also keen to getting involved in such activities.

What made you decide to study with UC?

The good reputation and facility of UC Business School, and my own passion towards business and related study. I really appreciated the efficiency of communication with the University during preparation for study.

What kind of support did you receive?

The staff inspire students from not only academic aspects, but also their wisdom and experience of life. They pass on their passion and horizons to students so we can understand the world better. The real-life case studies and critical analysis in the programme actually helped in later jobs.

Academic Skills Centre was helpful in improving the formatting in essay writing for me, and I also found the librarians very helpful. They will be able to assist you with all sorts of questions regarding the hunt of resources, and that indeed can improve efficiency by a lot during essay writing.

Business is absolutely a good area to enter if you have passion in it, but it’s not as easy as it sounds like; to learn well it actually requires quite some effort out of the lectures, and even the library.

So how did you get that extra experience?

I was involved in an exchange to work in a real estate company in Nagoya, Japan. It helped me to learn a totally different culture from a deep angle, and then provided me with a global vision, which in later days changed my way of looking at the world.

You also got to take a few interest courses with a global perspective. How did you find them?

At UC my favourites were in fact the selective courses. As a Business student I participated in the study of Japanese language and Spanish history, which provided me with a totally different experience in daily study, and I got to learn a lot more knowledge about art and history. Meanwhile, I had the opportunity to choose whether to physically attend the class or just do it virtually, which allowed me to arrange my study life and spare time better.

What other new experiences did you gain through UC?

I was involved in quite a few clubs, such as AIESEC and UC Football Club. I worked with different people from various backgrounds in AIESEC, that helped me understand the multicultural environment better, and while I was in UC Football Club, I gained my first referee certificate, and went onto the journey to become a professional football referee.

Sounds like you’ve made the most of your time here!

Even though Christchurch does not have a busy urban life as many cities do from my home country, there are still many things worth trying here, and after over 3 years of study, this city and the University has provided me with enough sense of belonging to make me proudly say that Christchurch is already my ‘second hometown’.

UC means unique and calmness for all graduates like me, I love it 3000!

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