'The project was one of the most rewarding experiences I got the privilege of participating in...'

  • Shayne

Bachelor of Commerce in Management and Marketing

Intern, Connetics Ltd

With a passion for business, Shayne chose to major in both Management and Marketing for a well-rounded degree.

Enrolling at UC for its community-centred lifestyle, Shayne’s degree studies evolved over time to incorporate a human resources perspective on business.

‘I enjoyed learning about different ways in which organisations could get people to purchase their goods or services, especially the way that customers’ needs and wants are analysed in order to best appeal to them and the strategic elements around this. We live in a changing world and I wanted to learn more about how marketers have had to adapt to this,’ he says. 

‘I also chose to study Management because I wanted to learn more about managing and organising people and organisations. As I progressed through my studies, I found that I enjoyed the human resources aspect of management, and furthermore how personnel are often the most important resource.’

During his final year, Shayne was able to gain first-hand experience of this with an MGMT 390 Intern Consulting Project at Connetics, a company offering engineering design consultation, contracting, and logistics services.

‘The goal of my intern project was to do an in depth look into wellbeing in the context of Connetics, and come up with a recommended wellbeing programme that was the best fit, provided strong ROI (Return on Investment), was valued by their staff, and was innovative,’ he says.

Shayne spent a number of weeks collating research from interviews around the company and external wellbeing services, and then presented a report of his findings to Connetics for future use. The process saw him develop a lot of professional skills such as communication, project management, research, and presentation. 

‘The project involved me getting to learn about the organisation, how it ran, and the people who worked there. I also had to get a strong understanding of what wellbeing was, what a successful wellbeing programme looked like, and how this could be applied to Connetics,’ he says.

‘It felt really good when I finished my project to see the culmination of what I had been working on for the past 13 weeks, and got to present to those who had helped me and were interested in the work I had been doing. It was very rewarding to see all the hard work coming together and getting to share what I had learnt about wellbeing and the ideas I had for the organisation.’

As a result, Shayne feels well prepared for beginning his career after graduation.

‘One of the biggest gains was definitely the experience working in a professional environment which will be useful in terms of skills gained and an addition to my CV. I also gained new contacts, got to meet some great people, and overall got to have a really great experience.

‘I also grew a lot personally thanks to doing this project. I gained a lot more self-confidence, and I think thanks to that alone I will be far more prepared for my future jobs,’ he says. 

‘I believe that the project was one of the most rewarding experiences I got the privilege of participating in at university.’

Hannah Peterson

Hannah Peterson

'During the internship I gained a real life picture of what working in an organisation is like...'

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Dongshen (Colin) Li

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