Richard Moore

'It is impossible not to be affected by marketing...'

  • Richard moore

Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Event Manager and Precision Driving Expert, Downforce NZ

NZV8 Ute Championship Driver

Being a student was the perfect pursuit for Richard Moore who has a need for speed and adrenalin as a leading motorsport racing driver.

Richard took off in his racing career with the New Zealand V8 SuperTourer series, alongside fellow drivers Greg Murphy and Paul Manuell, making up the M3 Racing team.

‘Having tasted Supercars in the Porsche GT3 series and competing at the top level in KZ2 gearbox Kart class, I couldn’t wait each time to get out there on the track,’ Richard says. ‘This series was so exciting.’

Richard has always had the desire to become a professional motorsport driver, but enrolling in a BCom in Marketing and Strategy and Entrepreneurship at UC also captured his need for stimuli around him.

‘Marketing is all around us. At uni we study how stimuli around us affect our behaviour and purchasing patterns. As a child I was extremely intrigued by advertisements. Thinking back now I really had no idea how huge the world of marketing really is and how it is impossible not to be affected by it.’

Since graduating, Richard picked up a contract role working at Skinny Mobile (Telecom NZ) as a coordinator of their marketing activities throughout the period of their major rebrand.

Richard later went onto becoming an Event Manager for Downforce NZ, as well as a Precision Driving Expert testing a range of luxury brands such as Porsche and Aston Martin.

Although he enjoyed his courses and loved the lifestyle at UC, Richard says that it was a juggle to study and race cars.

‘I’m lucky enough to have huge support from many people around me and without that support there is no way I would have even come close to coping! My last year was more intense than any other year with an extra workload of uni papers and competing in the country’s premier motorsport class against the best drivers in Australasia. But if it was easy then it wouldn’t be any fun.’

And, Richard says just because he sits in a comfy seat, doesn’t mean he lounges around. He often spends between 20 and 30 hours a week working on fitness; running, biking, in the gym and in a simulator, ‘however I always find it important hang out with friends and enjoy the uni lifestyle’.

Richard started racing Karts when he was eight years old, graduating to a seventh placing at the World Finals in Portugal when he was only 15.

He flew directly back to Auckland the day following the World Finals so he could compete that weekend in the Mini Challenge series. Although he was too young to drive a car to the track, he could drive around the track at speeds above 200kph – and he was good enough to qualify in pole position.

‘I love motorsport – the technology involved, the fitness needed, the skill, the marketing, then the money,’ he says.

‘It all gets combined to add up to a track experience of close to 300 kilometres an hour, the body undergoing four times the force of gravity and your mind being pushed to the absolute limits of concentration and reaction times. It is these challenges that make me love it.’

Richard is currently competing in the NZV8 Ute Championship series, and is documenting his experience on his social profile.

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