Jeremy Sullivan

'The motivation for doing the MBA is to widen my knowledge of leadership and to develop into a well-rounded businessman...'

  • Jeremy Sullivan

Bachelor of Commerce in Finance and Management

Master of Business Administration

Investment Advisor (AFA) and NZX Advisor, Hamilton Hindin Greene Ltd

Through his roles at Hamilton Hindin Greene, Jeremy researches and gives financial advice on stocks and bonds to clients to help them with investment decisions.

‘My career goals are to make investing an easy and understandable process for my clients. Over time I hope to take an equity stake in my current employer Hamilton Hindin Greene Ltd and look towards future growth opportunities in the industry, while honouring their proud 116 year history.’

Jeremy has already taken steps towards this goal by being a part of UC’s Executive Development Programme with his MBA.

‘UC has a solid reputation locally and internationally,’ he says. ‘The UC accredited MBA programme has a focus more towards the more intangible side of running a business, which combines nicely with my numerical undergraduate degree.

‘The motivation for continuing study and doing the MBA is to widen my knowledge of leadership and to develop into a well-rounded businessman.’

Jeremy has his undergraduate degree in Finance and Management to thank for getting the start he needed towards his career goals.

‘I have always had a passion for investing and financial markets. An undergraduate degree in Finance provided me with the core knowledge to get my first job in the industry.’

Jeremy’s experience in the industry so far has been a fantastic introduction to his passions.

‘The financial markets are an exciting place to work, every day is different. I enjoy being able to apply the theoretical knowledge into real world applications.’

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