Aishwarya S. Bagchi

'The academic staff at UC are very understanding and accommodating with students at postgrad level...'

  • Aishwarya Bagchi

Bachelor of Science in Economics and Statistics and a Bachelor of Laws

Master of Laws with First Class Honours

Studying towards a PhD in Law

Aishwarya knew straight away that UC would be the best place to achieve her goals.

‘I chose to study at Canterbury because the School of Law is known as one of the best in the country and the Departments of Economics and Statistics are also highly acclaimed,’ she says. ‘We are fortunate to have some of the leading authorities in Law available as our lecturers and supervisors.’

She had chosen to accompany her Law studies with a second degree with two majors in Science to get a well-rounded education in subjects that complemented each other.

‘I regarded University as an institution which would make me competent to handle real-life challenges. Law, Economics and Statistics are three of the key frameworks within which most issues can be cast and analysed.

‘Law has trained me to approach any situation in life through reasoning and analysis. Economics has enabled me to understand human behaviour under different conditions. Statistics is the key to comprehending the way we model real world phenomena and attempt to bring predictability into every-day life.’

After completing her LLM with First Class Honours, Aishwarya is currently doing her PhD in Law. She enjoys the emphasis on self-management and learning at her own pace.

‘There is a thrill to discovering a whole range of diverging academic opinions on the same topic and knowing that you have the freedom to exercise your own judgment in deciding which stance is correct, or even to take a different stance altogether,’ she says.

Aishwarya had received five NZQA scholarships for her results in high school, including an award to support her first years at UC. She continued the trend with her university studies, receiving a Canterbury law Scholarship, an ECON 105 Macroeconomics prize and an award from the New Zealand Legal Research Foundation.

She also was given a Summer Scholarship to work with Statistics New Zealand on a summer research project that searched for methods to calculate seasonal errors.

‘The project gained me experience in writing scientific reports. It opened my eyes to the fact that Statistics, and science in general, is a continual quest for improving methodology to better model the reality. It also instilled in me the confidence that I can contribute towards the betterment of models.’

Aishwarya had also taken some of UC’s summer courses to shorten the time to complete her double degrees in three majors to four and a half years.

‘I found summer courses intense, challenging, but highly satisfactory. The lecturers paced the lessons in such a way that you could assimilate much more in the space of three hours than you would initially believe possible.

‘I especially enjoyed Trial Advocacy. It taught me an entirely new skill in less than a week.’

Active in the local community, Aishwarya volunteers as the Executive Secretary for two organisations, requiring her to liaise with governmental organisations and the local community.

‘I’ve found this to be a maturing and confidence-building experience. I have the opportunity to become acquainted with people in my actual locality.’

Due to the flexibility of the LLM, Aishwarya also completed her legal professional studies with the Institute of Professional Legal Studies (IPLS). She has also been admitted to the Bar to practice as a Barrister and Solicitor.

‘The academic staff at UC are very understanding and accommodating with students at postgrad level,’ she says.

Aishwarya immigrated to New Zealand from New Delhi, India in 2003. As such, she identifies with both cultures and has a strong interest in languages. Alongside reading and writing in Bengali, Hindi and French, she also enjoys music, sketching, photography and pistol shooting.

Aishwarya plans to start her Law career alongside her PhD.

‘I aim to begin legal practice and pursue an academic career in my field of expertise.’

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