Tze Chieh Contessa Loh

'I am very grateful to be awarded the sports scholarship...'

  • Contessa Loh

Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies and Japanese

Contessa has a few ideas about where her degree could take her. She would like to become a professional translator, a travel writer, a language teacher or follow her other huge interest – sport.

Contessa was awarded a 2015 UC Foundation Sports Scholarship because of her skills in archery. She represents her home country, Singapore, in team and individual events. She is also an Arts Scholar. Much of her spare time outside study is spent training, and the Sports Scholarship has helped in several ways.

‘I am very grateful to be awarded the sports scholarship. Financially, it helped pay for part of my travel and equipment expenses – I was involved in four international competitions this year,’ she says. ‘Furthermore, I was given access to a lot of athlete support. Being able to work with a sports psychologist and physiotherapist throughout my archery season played a big part in my achieving my new personal best.’

Contessa started archery when she was nine, when her father signed her up for a beginner’s archery course.

‘It was only after I started winning local competitions that I became hooked and started taking my training more seriously. That eventually led to my qualifying for the Singapore National Archery Team and going on to represent Singapore in international competitions.’

A career highlight for Contessa so far was winning the bronze medal for Singapore at the 2012 World Archery Indoor Championships in Las Vegas.

‘It was the first World archery medal for Singapore and it took everything I had to steel my nerves and shoot against several top shooters from all over the world. That same year, I came in fifth at the Indoor Archery World Cup Finals – the furthest any Singaporean archer had ever gone – and it was against many professional top archers. I was only an amateur who was still in high school. ’

Contessa says that she loves attending UC.

'UC is awesome!' she says. 'Getting to do what I love every day is pretty fun!'

Her love for learning languages and exploring the world led her to the University to study Japanese and Cultural Studies.

'It feels really amazing when you finally realise you can think and communicate in an entirely new language,' Contessa says.

'The Arts degree at UC is really flexible, which means I can pick up several new languages while studying other subjects at the same time.

'I chose to come here because I did not want to miss the opportunity of studying at a top-notch university which not only has an excellent studying environment but is also located in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. Furthermore, I got to meet so many amazing people – both students and lecturers – from around the world.'

She adds: 'It is really fun conversing with the teaching staff – they have a great sense of humour and are very friendly and approachable. But what stands out the most about them is the incredibly huge amount of passion that they have about what they do. It is from their passion and energy that students in UC are given a lot of support and opportunities to grow and challenge their limits.'

It is perhaps the competitor in Contessa that this appeals to. She urges other young students to 'just go for it! You never know what exciting adventures await you out there!'

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