Reid Gibbens

'Being actively involved in the UC community has given me all sorts of opportunities...'

  • Reid Gibbens

Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing, with a minor in International Relations


What kind of "real-world work" have you done in your degree?

I did an internship with Airways. I helped redesign their website, to make it more navigable and consumer friendly. We had to research competitors and come up with layouts. It was interesting because it was stuff I hadn't done before. They went ahead with the changes I recommended which is cool to see.

Anything else on the cards?

I developed a marketing campaign and an app for the Crusaders rugby team as part of my course. We presented the concept to them and they really liked it so I collaborated with the Crusaders to ensure our idea came to life. I was part of the advisory board for creating and managing the app and it’s now available to use which is such a buzz!

What have those experiences added to your skill set?

Nothing teaches you better than getting out there and getting stuck in. When it comes to working in a team to produce effective work, you really have to get real world experience. It's a reality check!

What have you been up to with the Global China Connection?

Last year I did the Shanghai Shout Challenge, where UC sends three students to intern in China. I was a finalist but unfortunately missed out on the trip. I went on to join the exec as part of the marketing team. We ran an online marketing campaign over various platforms which has given me great social media experience.

Did you find another route to China?

Yes, I went to China for Management 228. We went to Zhejiang Gongshang University where we studied and taught language for three weeks. After that we went to Shanghai and Beijing to visit New Zealand businesses. It was an amazing opportunity to become immersed in the culture and experience it first-hand.

What's the secret to getting the most out UC?

Taking the time to do things outside of your comfort zone. I never thought I'd become involved in China but I took the time to try something different, and now I'm off on a trip. Being actively involved in the UC community has given me all sorts of opportunities.

Biggest extracurricular highlight?

I’m part of the UC basketball team. Last year we won the national championship. We played against Lincoln, which is full of scholarship players. It's something UC hasn't done before and to be part of that was an unreal experience!


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