Katie Howie

'I have a strong desire to do meaningful work, and to make a difference in people's lives...'

  • Katie Howie

Bachelor of Arts in Human Services with a minor in Psychology

Barista, Nor'Wester Cafe, Amberley

Katie has a simple but deep-rooted goal in life: to help people.

'I want to be able to assist those who need some extra support in their lives,' she says. 'I hope to play an important role in bettering the quality of life and livelihood for New Zealanders who may benefit from a little extra support or direction.'

This vocation made Katie's choice of tertiary study relatively straightforward.

'I have a strong desire to do meaningful work, and to make a difference in people's lives, and that's what motivated me to study Human Services. I chose to study at UC because of the consistently high standard of academic achievement the University turns out. It has an excellent reputation in the field.'

Now that she has that completed her degree, Katie remains confident that UC offers the most comprehensive courses in New Zealand for social work and human services.

'I would definitely recommend studying here. UC offers great degrees in both subjects, including a direct pathway to be registered as a social worker. So it's a great investment for your future, especially as the University is so encouraging and supportive of its students.

'I found that my time there was well spent and enjoyable. The lecturers and tutors were extremely helpful, committed and insightful. Our tutorials provided a great forum to bounce ideas back and forth, and also to get constructive feedback on our work. I feel confident that prospective students will get so much out of their time at UC.'

Katie also says that she found the campus environment suited her needs perfectly, providing a 'positive and encouraging' environment to learn in.

'I enjoyed being able to use so many facilities that assisted my learning, like the library and the computer labs, which are always accessible. The campus has heaps to offer, and of course everything is on one site - the bookshop, the library, cafés, and the doctor and pharmacy.'

Before she starts her first job in her chosen field, Katie is making people's days better with her barista and waiting skills, and in her spare time she continues to mentor through Big Brothers Big Sisters. She is a keen hiker and swimmer, but equally loves to settle down with a good book or a movie.

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