'I love to learn about different people and culture, and UC offers everything...'

  • Kartikey

Studying towards a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and International Relations, and Human Services

As a person passionate about history and politics, Kartikey is ‘always eager to know what, when, how, where, and its consequences along with the present scenario’.

He closely follows The EU 3 C’s Evaluation Initiative: Coordination, Complementarity, Coherence, and believes ‘we are all dependent on one another for our own benefit, and so is every nation dependent on one another’.

This is in part why Kartikey chose UC and his double major in Human Services and Political Science and International Relations.

‘I wanted the best and had the University of Canterbury in mind. I have personally met people from this place and I trusted my teachers who suggested to come here. I always wanted to explore different places and I love to learn about different people and culture, and UC offers everything.’

In 2019, Kartikey earned a NZEA Scholarship and a UC Deans Award for his excellent grades, hard-work, and determination.

Outside of academics, Kartikey also loves sports and is a particularly creative person.

‘I like to express myself through paints and writing. One of my greatest achievement is that I’ve been to Mt. Everest base camp in 2018-19. I like to learn different things in different fields. These days I am into cooking and writing poetry.’

Kartikey comes from India, and has seen tragic problems in slums, nursing homes, and orphanages.

‘People there are suffering from different issues, like finances and access to health care. Ten percent of the world’s population lived on US$1.90/day in 2015. Children make up 10% of the world’s population and over 40% of the diseases fall on them. More than 3 million children die annually due to environmental factors. The world is going through many changes while some countries are developed, and some are developing.

‘They say they are making the world a better place, but at what price? I want to work towards that and want to make a difference for at least some.’ 

Kartikey lives his ‘best life’, and hopes his efforts will one day lead to finding workable solutions for world problems. He exemplifies his 1st school’s motto of ‘service before self’ and has a goal of making a difference by working for WHO or the UN after graduation.

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Sionainn Byrnes

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