Alexandra Gilchrist

'I can see how applicable and beneficial this programme will be to young professionals...'

  • Alexandra gilchrist

Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science

Master of Business Management

After completing her undergraduate studies at UC in History and Political Science and working for two years, Alexandra decided to add more to her belt and came back to UC for a postgraduate qualification. ‘I realised that if I wanted to move up the corporate ladder, I needed a formalised commerce background,’ she says.

Alexandra settled on the Master of Business Management, a programme that requires no previous experience in Commerce studies and is open to any students wanting to add an understanding of business to their skills.

‘Enrolling in the Master of Business Management programme was an easy decision for me. Not only is the programme an internationally recognised postgraduate qualification, but it also offers a range of diverse and highly applicable topics. I also found the programme highly attractive as it formalises concepts used in everyday management situations and this theoretical knowledge is made practical through workshops, research projects and internships.

‘Through my past work experience for both small, locally owned companies, as well as a large multinational corporation, I can see how applicable and beneficial this programme will be to young professionals in the future.’

Alexandra particularly likes how much support she received through her studies.

‘Our lecturers are among the best in New Zealand and their enthusiasm and knowledge about their respective topics is contagious. We also have an incredible team in the Executive Development Programme management, all of whom are passionate about the department and are willing to go the extra mile to assist us. The EDP management team works to tie in the knowledge gained through lectures with the “real world” by providing us with practical workshops, networking opportunities and other skills.’

Alexandra enjoyed how easily she has gone back into study-mode after her break in the workforce.

‘As a University of Canterbury alumna, I was proud to see that the mind-set and culture I had experienced during my undergraduate studies had not changed,’ she says. ‘I think Canterbury has a great outlook and student culture that encourages and enables students to succeed. Additionally, the post-earthquake facilities are excellent, whether it be the labs, lecture theatres, common rooms, the libraries, through to the gym, bars and cafés on campus.’

Raised in Singapore by New Zealand and Canadian parents, Alexandra enjoys an active life. ‘I am a horse rider and am getting back into eventing this season after several years off. Other than riding, I enjoy travelling and SCUBA diving.’

While her choice of study requires a bit of dedication, Alexandra thoroughly recommends it to anyone looking to add more to their undergraduate degree.

‘The programme really needs to be treated like a full-time job to get the best out of it. That said, if you are not afraid of a bit of hard work, there are plenty of benefits to be reaped and I have and would continue to recommend the programme to friends as I believe the EDP team have created a truly unique, highly beneficial and practical programme, with experiences and opportunities that are simply unparalleled in New Zealand.’

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