Victoria Tetley

'After each lecture you go away thinking “Wow, that was so interesting!”...'

  • Victoria tetley

Bachelor of Health Sciences in Public Health

Case Coordinator, Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)

The launch of the Bachelor of Health Sciences at UC was an opportunity Victoria seized upon without hesitation.

‘I wanted to work in healthcare but not in a clinical way,’ she says. ‘I was hoping to work in hospital administration, and running departments in healthcare organisations and working with health policies.’

Getting an early taste from the Communications Disorders programme cemented the new direction she wanted her career to go.

‘I was studying a health paper and I really enjoyed learning about the many issues in the field of health, and how we should be addressing them, so I switched to the BHSc.

‘There are many different paths that you can go down, and the good thing about the BHSc at UC is that it has a wide variety of courses, which allows you to keep your options open and learn about lots of different areas.’

Victoria says the content of the degree was very stimulating and made her motivation even stronger.

‘It encourages you to think critically about what is being said. I enjoy that there is a lot of thought involved, and after each lecture you go away thinking “Wow, that was so interesting!” There is not one lecture I sit through bored.

‘The lecturers are incredibly helpful, and more than happy to talk after class about any further questions that you may have. The lecturers are one of the things that have made the degree so enjoyable.

Having grown up in Christchurch, Victoria has a naturally strong sense of home and community in Canterbury, but she nonetheless enjoyed the new experience of being a student at UC.

‘It’s a great campus and I met some really lovely new people,’ she says. ‘I like to go on road trips, long runs and walks in my spare time. I also tend to do a lot of baking and cooking for my family and friends.’

Now graduated, Victoria works with ACC, helping those with injury claims return to everyday routines. She found that her degree ‘has been useful in numerous ways’ towards her work.

‘My role at ACC has helped me develop a further understanding of the behind the scenes of the organisation, which has been an insight and a large learning process,’ she says. ‘My degree has helped me facilitate essential skills in terms of time management needed for the high-paced role, as well as reading and processing information.’

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