Mou Basu

'This Counselling course has broadened my knowledge and made me feel accomplished...'

  • Mou Basu

Studying towards a Master of Education

After completing her Masters in Industrial Psychology back home in India, Mou and her husband travelled down to live in Christchurch. With her husband working at UC as a Senior Lecturer in the School of Health Sciences, Mou decided to study a Master of Education specialising in Counselling.

‘I enjoy working with people, and education has the power to change and bring everyone together,’ she says.

As part of her studies, Mou balances life at home as a full-time mother with her placements at Christchurch Men’s Prison, Linwood College and St John of God Hospital.

‘I enjoy everything,’ she says. ‘Seeing myself as a responsible, sincere human being, the positivity, and meeting different people from different domains.

‘I hope to be a good Councillor and would like to see myself as a responsible and trustworthy person.’

While her decision to study at UC was easy due to her husband’s role, Mou has found UC to be beneficial for its reputation in Health Sciences.

‘UC has wonderful library support and world class and prestigious resources available. I have good support from our professors and my own resource – aiming high.’

As a result of her determination, Mou makes sure she balances study with being with her family and enjoys gardening, walking, tramping and ‘talking to anyone and everyone’ as part of her passion for health and wellbeing.

Mou encourages anyone wanting to make a positive difference to consider her choice of study.

‘It’s a wonderful and powerful course. I am an immigrant, and getting friends was very hard initially. But this Counselling course has broadened my knowledge and made me feel accomplished. This course has both freedom and responsibility.’

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