Niamh Reily

'Geography opens both doors for my love for the planet and humanity...'

  • Niamh Reily

Bachelor of Science in Geography

Since studying Geography at UC, Niamh has realised her passions for the environment can contribute more beyond understanding the effects of nature.

‘I found out that it involved so much more than just the planet. I have a passion for making a difference in terms of people as well and Geography opens both doors for my love for the planet and humanity,’ she says.

Originally from Auckland, Niamh was inspired by her high school geography teacher who had previously attended UC, so she started to consider study in Canterbury. Niamh was awarded a UC Go Canterbury Scholarship, which provided lots of amazing experiences in the area to get to know Christchurch and a taste of life with UC.

‘I love the fact that Christchurch is a developing city in the South Island and that you are so close to the outdoors – two hours’ from ski fields and 30 minutes’ away from the surf. I am really into skiing, I have a season pass at Mt Hutt and try to go up as much as I can. I also love Arthurs Pass National Park and have done many tramps out there.

‘I also loved the experience I had at University Hall and the friends I have made will be my friends for life.’

UC’s campus and surrounding environment has definitely become her absolute favourite part of being here, and Niamh has been a member of OpSoc and CUBA (Canterbury University Boardriders Association) for the past two years, enjoying their outdoors activities around Canterbury.

‘Their events are awesome, I would recommend anyone looking to make new friends to join these two clubs for sure. I love hanging out with my friends and enjoying the social life of UC.’

Niamh has also relished the variety of the courses she has been able to take at UC that relate to Geography, such as European and European Union Studies, and Geographic Information Sciences. She will also soon be doing an internship course during the summer to build on her skills.

‘There are so many options in the realm of Geography and you can take more than one pathway if you want to,’ she says. ‘I have developed my knowledge in both physical and human geography – I feel I have touched on so many areas that my knowledge is broad and will be very useful after studying and in the real world.’

To help other students in her study area, Niamh is a lecture notetaker for the Academic Skills Centre for those that can’t attend or need the extra support.

‘I think in reverse this has helped me create better notes for myself as well as those who need them,’ she says.

Thinking further ahead career wise, Niamh plans to contribute her skills towards ongoing climate and disaster aftermath issues.

‘I would love to make a name for myself in the environmental and resource management sector in New Zealand and potentially on a global scale as well. I am also interested in development issues on a national scale and would like to make a difference for those in poverty or those effected by our dynamic climate.’

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