Joshua Neville

'Despite how intensive it is, the work is really engaging and enjoyable...'

  • Joshua Neville

Bachelor of Science in Geography

Master of Science in Geography

Choosing to study Geography was a choice inspired by living in Christchurch during a time of dramatic change to the city structure.

‘I chose to do this degree as I wanted to make an immediate difference to the world around me,’ Joshua says. ‘I disliked the current urban form of Christchurch and planning regime that shaped it, so I wanted to find a way to change this through science. The degree is really focused on improving futures for people across the world.’

Studying at UC was an obvious choice for Joshua to get the most out of studying in a research university and a city undergoing urban planning.

‘Canterbury is really focused on engaging students with communities around Christchurch. Plus, Canterbury is the best region of New Zealand for being into the outdoors, whilst enjoying city life.’

Joshua has enjoyed all aspects of being at UC; he has taken part in the Greening the Greyfields Christchurch project with the Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information (CRCSI) in Australia and is the current president of student club GeogSoc.

‘This has really meant some fun times with involving other students. We are currently building ourselves to become the best little club on campus,’ he says.

‘I enjoy the eclectic mix of lecturers and students, and the never-ending list of things happening.’

For his master's research, Joshua is identifying residential areas ready for redevelopment and looking at a method to utilise this potential redevelopment as an alternative public transport finance mechanism.

‘It involves a lot of time spent working through data, looking over maps, and having a huge knowledge of how the city is laid out,’ he says. ‘Despite how intensive it is, the work is really engaging and enjoyable.

‘I’m working towards becoming a consultant in urban science and place making.’

As such, Joshua encourages potential students in Geography to be fully invested in the need for such important research.

‘Be passionate, hungry, and really willing to dig deep in the massive amounts of research currently being done; the geospatial revolution is currently in full swing and we are just starting to realise what this can do for other areas of society.’

Kaley Boyd

Kaley Boyd

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Jessie Cross

Jessie Cross

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