Aimee Martin

'I definitely love how relevant Geography is to everything happening in the world...'

  • Aimee Martin

Bachelor of Science in Geography

Postgraduate Diploma in Science in Geography

Master of Science in Geography

Assistant Research Analyst, Christchurch City Council

‘I definitely love how relevant Geography is to everything happening in the world, and how wide-ranging it is as a discipline,’ Aimee says. ‘There are so many different options and opportunities within the one subject.’

Indeed, Aimee found studying Geography at UC to be far more varied than she initially thought.

‘There are so many aspects of Geography you don’t even consider or know about when you first start. I always wanted to keep my undergraduate degree relatively broad, and the large scope of papers across all of the aspects of Geography at UC allowed me to do this. Although I always enjoyed the physical side of Geography the most at school, throughout my study I realised that it was actually the urban development aspect of Geography that interested me the most. You never know what you are going to discover!’

As part of her master’s thesis, Aimee researched the layout of future infrastructure for the proposed cycling network in Christchurch based on population and travel pattern predictions for 2041.

‘Although I didn’t know it when I decided to come to Canterbury, being able to study Geography, and apply what we have learnt in a city recovering from a major disaster, has been invaluable.’

Easily her favourite aspect of her master’s is how applicable Geography is to the real world and the chance to make a direct impact.

‘I love how relevant Geography is,’ she says. ‘Having the opportunity to work with external community groups over the last few years has been awesome. Being able to put everything you have been taught into practice whilst also actually contributing to something bigger than just finishing an assignment is definitely one of the aspects of Geography I have enjoyed the most.

‘It was awesome moving on to start master’s knowing that I would be able to work on something that was applied and will be useful, rather than it purely just being an academic exercise.’

Studying was not the only thing Aimee loves about being at UC, however.

‘One of the best things about Canterbury is definitely the balance between hard work and the social scene. The clubs environment here is definitely one of a kind, and is pretty awesome as there are just so many opportunities to get involved in different things!’

Now graduated, Aimee has landed a role in the Christchurch City Council as an Assistant research Analyst, looking into the progress of different areas around the city by analysing different indicators and secondary data.

Alongside her role as a swimming tutor, it is no surprise that Aimee’s passion for urban development sees her spending time out and about in Christchurch.

‘I just like getting out and exploring all the new things happening throughout the city. Things change so often that there’s always something new happening. Christchurch is a pretty awesome place to be at the moment!’

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