Tor Drummond

'It’s a great all-round degree that will be useful for virtually any job...'

  • Tor Drummond

Studying towards a Bachelor of Forestry Science

Tor wanted to study towards an interesting degree that would give him good job prospects, so he chose to come to UC to study Forestry Science.

‘Everyone doing the BForSc is enjoying what we are studying. It covers everything from statistics to sciences via accounting – it’s a great all-round degree that will be useful for virtually any job,’ he says.

‘We are always busy, doing research on field trips, writing reports in labs… there’s no end to all the interesting activities we do. Also, being such a small group of people, everyone interacts and knows everyone else.’

The social side of university life, both in and outside study, are important to Tor. Coming to Christchurch from Timaru, he opted to stay in university accommodation during his first year ‘to settle in without the hassle of cooking and shopping’.

He chose to stay at Waitākiri Village, in the residential suburb of Mairehau. He enjoys being based off campus, but within a student community.

‘The privacy available at Waitākiri Village is amazing,’ says Tor. ‘The students and staff are a close-knit group and we all get on with each other very well. Everyone has made new friends and the staff do their best to keep everyone entertained. For example, at the start of the year we had a day at the beach, and since then we’ve had many other trips that were just as much fun.’

‘There are also some CPIT students staying at the village so we have the opportunity to meet and make lifelong friends with other people that are studying in Christchurch. I’d would definitely say that if it’s your first year, join a hall of residence and make new friends.’

Tor says that one of the reasons he chose to study at UC was its reputation for caring for its students’ welfare.

‘It is set up so there is plenty of help with study, relaxed and friendly study areas, and opportunities for social involvement. UC also has a very good students’ association and there are events on all through the year.’

Tor says that having a Forestry degree should put him in a good position to find work domestically and internationally.

‘I plan to look for work overseas to start with, in commercial forestry or conservation.’

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