Winnie Whyte

'Living with a large group of people your age will help you learn more about yourself...'

  • Winnie Whyte

Studying towards a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication with a minor in Spanish and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture

Winnie looks forward to the chance to contribute to Christchurch’s revival as part of her Fine Arts study.

‘One of my more special reasons for studying at UC is that the rebuild of Christchurch is producing a lot of opportunities for the art scene in the city. Fine Arts students at Ilam are constantly kept informed about any spaces or jobs available to art students.’

With a UC Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship for good NCEA results, Winnie found UC to be the best place to follow her love for Fine Arts.

‘I am passionate about art and have been since I can remember,’ she says. ‘When deciding what and where to study I knew that I wanted a career in the arts. Through my art teachers at high school and a bit of research I decided that the Ilam School of Fine Arts was the best suit for me.’

She has certainly found her courses enjoyable so far.

‘I enjoy the flexible timetable and the freedom you have as a new artist. The lecturers are really encouraging of any ideas you come up with and will always search for ways to help you achieve them. Also, the classes groups are quite small so you end up making close friends with other Fine Arts students.’

Winnie chose to stay in College House to make the most of social life on campus.

‘I wanted to experience the hall lifestyle and make new friends. College House specifically attracted me because of the effort they make to provide countless events to get involved in for the residents, and the impressive facilities such as the active learning support system and outstanding personal and communal spaces.’

Staying in a hall of residence is an option that she recommends to other students.

‘I would say go for it! You can’t put a price on the experiences you will have living in a hall. Living with a large group of people your age will help you learn more about yourself and how you interact with others.’

As for herself, Winnie plans to take her experience of interacting with others overseas.

‘I want a career in the arts, at this stage I am keeping my options open. I want to work and live overseas, particularly in a Spain as I plan on becoming fluent in Spanish.’

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