Jessica Langtry

'I wanted to do something I am passionate for and have that support from friends and family to do it...'

  • Jessica Langtry

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting

Wanting to make a career out of her love for the arts, Jessica had no hesitation to enrol in a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

‘There is nothing else I would want to study,’ she says. ‘I wanted to do something I am passionate for and have that support from friends and family to do it.’

She especially loves the smaller classes for a more social experience.

‘I love how there is not many of us, so we have become quite close, almost like a family. Also, just working with people just as passionate as you are.’

Choosing which university to attend was inspired by the chance to get a change of scenery.

‘I was tossing between Wellington and Christchurch and I liked the look of the course here and to move away from home.’

After enrolling and receiving a UC Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship, Jessica also made the decision to stay in accommodation on campus.

‘I was moving quite a way from home and wanted a safe and secure place, also to meet as many people as I can.’

She ended up choosing University Hall because of the easy transition between home life and flatting.

‘University Hall seemed to be the most casual, social, and the best option for money; one that I would most fit into. I also liked the idea of it being fully catered to make it one step easier to move out of home. It was the biggest hall so there was more of a chance to make more friends and meet more people in my course.’

Jessica has no doubt that staying in UC accommodation is one of the best options for first year students at UC.

‘Do it! Especially if you’re moving away from home for the first time and in your first year of study. It’s so worth it. You’ll have one of the best years of your life! You won’t miss out on finding out about all the social events and you will get to meet a whole new group of people, possibly lifelong friends!’

Monica Wang

Monica Wang

'I enjoy the process of learning about different art practices...'

Issy Whitticase

Issy Whitticase

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