Mark Mutuku

'I believe that UC offers a strong programme in business...'

  • Mark Mutuku

Studying towards a Bachelor of Commerce in Management and Finance

Originally from Nairobi, Kenya, Mark discovered that he held a passion for business during his high school tenure in South Africa. He eventually began his Bachelor of Commerce studies in New Zealand with UC.

‘Business concepts have always fascinated me and I look forward to applying these to different scenarios both here in New Zealand and back home in Kenya. I cherish the challenges I am currently facing in my new environment as these will only make me better,’ he says.

Focusing on finance and business management within his degree gives Mark the chance to study the multiple factors of operating strategy and organising resources to deliver on business objectives.

‘I considered a career in Management and Finance to be one of the most versatile career paths, and that’s further attracted me to this area of study. The first year programme takes us through a broad area of Management. This allows me to see what options I have and pick an area of Management that I would then focus on.

‘Having a passion or a strong reason as to why you are choosing a Business degree is crucial. I also believe that UC offers a strong programme in business.’

New Zealand was a country that Mark had been interested in visiting for some time, especially because of its robust and exciting rugby scene, as well as its extremely vibrant culture - different to the other places he’s visited.

‘So far it’s been a great experience,’ he says. ‘I have come to realise that no matter our differences we are all very similar. I am currently enjoying the different ideas, cultures and experiences that I am going through.’

Staying in Arcady Hall was a great way to be introduced to life here in New Zealand.

‘It is indeed a great place to stay being in close proximity to all my places of interest. Being an international student and totally new to the country it is very pleasant to have such a facility to ease you into college life.

‘The city of Christchurch is calm and collected and has few distractions. This allows me to get my work and extra-curricular activities done. I am really enjoying my independence and look forward to the coming years.’

As a sports fan, Mark’s main interests outside of his study involves following basketball, rugby and football (soccer and NFL) games.

‘I also had the opportunity to turn out for the Colts rugby side towards the end of the season and totally enjoyed it,’ he says. ‘I also relish the opportunity to unwind at the Rec Centre.’

Mark hopes he will have many more opportunities within his studies and spare time to experience the unique Kiwi culture.

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