Abhay Mahajan

'I am having the time of my life...'

  • Abhay Mahajan

Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance

Abhay’s passion for all things numbers made his study choices in Accounting and Finance easy when he came to UC. Being originally from India, Abhay’s journey to New Zealand was inspired by its reputation for community and scenery.

‘New Zealand has a reputation for a great sense of stability and has a very welcoming and open attitude to its international students. With a high standard of living, great weather, good people, beautiful places to visit and plenty of different things to do, New Zealand is the ideal country for me to study,’ he says.

UC meanwhile was another quick decision, offering exactly what Abhay wanted from a university.

‘UC is one of the best universities to study in New Zealand and even around the world,’ he says. ‘With a rich history dating back all the way to 1873, to a beautiful and spacious campus filled with students from around the globe and a number of facilities and services, UC was the right choice for me.

‘Another very strong reason to come to UC was their Business School being accredited by AASCB International which includes only 5% of business schools of the world.’

He has so far found studying towards the Bachelor of Commerce highly enjoyable and useful, and describes himself as being ‘deeply passionate about it’.

‘Calculations and analysis of businesses and its financial statements, to making crucial management and budgeting decisions – it’s something I really like and know I can do very well,’ he says. ‘Another reason that motivated me is the fact that an accountant’s work is valued a lot. They have a major say in almost all business decisions and are trusted with highly important functions.’

Abhay’s passions have already earned him an International Dean’s Award for his results, and he looks forward to his next years of study.

‘I quite enjoy analysing case studies and strategizing. Learning from my lecturers and professors who I see as very crucial and important parts of my study, is fun too. I see myself as very lucky to have such open, helpful and perspicacious teachers.

‘At the moment I am focusing on the study matter of my course and taking my passion and skills for accounting to a new and higher level. I want to start an accounting firm of my own one day which would be an embodiment of my ideas and principles towards accounting.’

Currently living in Ilam Apartments, Abhay has also enjoyed the benefits of the campus community.

‘I find it very convenient as it’s just a 5 minute walk from the University and everything like electricity, wifi, and furniture is taken care of. Living in Ilam Apartments I get to meet more new students and improves my social life even further.’

He is also a member of the Accounting Society, which he finds a useful way to connect and get advice from other Accounting students, and enjoys the odd game of cricket and badminton, keeping active through the RecCentre.

With so much more to see and offer, Abhay looks forward to his continuing years here.

‘I enjoy so many things about UC. It’s been a fantastic ride so far. People here have a very open and welcoming attitude,’ he says. ‘I never find myself bored since there are so many things to do. The weather is so good and there are so many places to explore and so many activities to try. I am having the time of my life.’

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