Emily Spink

'As a reporter I'm privileged to be able to connect with people and places...'

  • Emily Spink

Bachelor of Arts in English and Media and Communication

Graduate Diploma in Journalism

Reporter, The Press

After completing the Graduate Diploma in Journalism at UC, Emily began working as a Reporter for The Press Communities.

While based in a two-person newsroom in North Canterbury, she covered news for both local and national audiences.

In February 2015 she moved into The Press newsroom as reporter for Mainland Live, and more recently took on the social issues round.

‘As a reporter I'm privileged to be able to connect with people and places that would normally be beyond our reach.

‘Being able to shed light on the issues affecting readers and viewers around the country every day, is what drives me in my work.’

In February 2016, Emily gained an Asia New Zealand Foundation internship to work as a journalist in South East Asia. For six weeks, she worked in Yangon, Myanmar as a journalist for the English-language daily newspaper, Myanmar Times.

It was a life-changing experience for Emily, which enabled her to cover issues around health and disability in a developing world.

‘The advice and support I received from lecturers and tutors in my undergraduate and journalism studies gave me the confidence to take advantage of every opportunity and put myself out there - whether it be for work experience or a graduate internship 10,000km away.

‘English gave me the skills to think outside the square and question my surroundings, while honing my writing skills. Communications, on the other hand, broadened my knowledge of the evolving media industry and encouraged me to follow my passions.

‘I’ve been able to apply all the valuable skills and knowledge from my studies to the practical working environments of newsrooms.’

During her undergraduate degree, Emily seized the chance to go to America to one of UC’s 100-plus partnership universities as part of the UC Exchange programme.

‘It was the perfect opportunity to enjoy and complete my BA in an exciting and new environment. Seattle appealed to me because of the reputation of the University of Washington, not to mention the city’s size and location. During my six-month stint I was also able to travel to New York, California and Canada.

‘Learning ideas and issues from new national perspectives helped open up my own views of the world,’ she says. ‘I left with only incredible memories, lifelong friends and no regrets.'

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