Willy Dunlop

'There will always be somebody close by who is willing to help you out, academically or otherwise...'

  • Willy Dunlop

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Mechanical Engineering

While studying Engineering was the obvious path for Willy, he was happy to find that the degree involved a lot more scope and depth than he initially realised.

‘Originally, it was pointed out to me that since physics and maths were two of my stronger subjects I should give Engineering a go. However, the more I looked into the discipline the more I was introduced to the extraordinary innovation and problem solving involved in the degree which ultimately drew me to it.

‘There is plenty of motivation to study and learn because it will ultimately give you the skills and experience to create and be a part of some amazing projects.’

Studying at UC was always the first choice for Willy.

‘It goes without saying that Canterbury is the home of Engineering in New Zealand and that by doing my tuition at Canterbury I would walk out with a highly respected degree.’

With a plan to also make the most of the social side of studying at a university, Willy made the decision to stay in a hall of residence on campus.

‘Even though I live in Christchurch I decided that living in a hall was a sensible idea. It gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of good people and develop a number of great friendships. It got me out of home and fully immersed me in the university lifestyle.’

It was a quick decision for Willy to choose to stay in Rochester and Rutherford.

‘Through word of mouth it became obvious that a place at Rochester and Rutherford was highly sought after. After being here for a matter of days it was clear why – the food was great, the culture was a lot of fun and the size of it made the group of people you were living with like family.’

Willy has since found living in a hall to be ‘very beneficial’.

‘After only a couple of weeks you will be in the position where every time you walk to uni you will be surrounded by familiar faces. You will be living with other students and, in most cases, a majority of them will be doing the same degree as you. I found this to be a great advantage as there will always be somebody close by who is willing to help you out, academically or otherwise.’

Socialising is definitely his favourite part of UC and one he considers the most important.

‘The club scene is so strong here. UC is a huge place but it is these clubs which help you feel a part of it. Together with the UCSA they throw some great events meaning that every weekend there will always be something on worth putting the pen and paper down for. The overall student involvement in the running of the University is responsible for making you feel right at home on campus.

‘I am a big fan of rugby and am part of the ENSOC [Engineering Society] team that plays in the Saturday uni social grade. This is something to look forward to every week – the chance to put the books down and have a good hit out.’

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