Madison Baker

'Christchurch is so close to so many new and cool things...'

  • Madison Baker

Study Abroad student

Certificate of Proficiency Engineering

Chemical Engineering major, Madison, enjoyed connecting her coursework with her adventures around the South Island as well as gaining valuable experience for the future.

‘I’m interested in working in the field of energy in the future and ARTS 295 has been a great experience for that. Doing research on geothermal energy, I was able to do some applied problem solving with the support of a UC graduate student, which will be really valuable in the future.

‘I would also really recommend the science and Geology courses because they’re more meaningful in that you can see the natural processes with your own eyes. A few times, I even looked up places that the lecturers mentioned in class and ended up going to explore them myself!’

Having only spent two weekends on campus during her time at UC, Madison says to prospective study abroad students: ‘Christchurch is so close to so many new and cool things—take advantage of them!’

Hamish Ferguson

Hamish Ferguson

'I want to give back to the sport that has taken me around the world...'

Tim Schroder

Tim Schroder

'I was keen on having lots of likeminded people around to get comfortable in my first year of Uni...'