Laura Goodman

'It's super easy to integrate yourself into the university community and make it a home away from home...'

  • Laura Goodman

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Civil Engineering

Laura wanted to have a variety of career options after completing study at university. With an interest in mathematics and physics, she decided engineering was the right choice.

'I want to be a professional civil engineer,' she says. 'I want to be challenged frequently because I find that rewarding, as well as getting to travel a lot.'

Studying Civil Engineering in particular meant a whole range of ways she can apply herself to building living environments. She enjoys the opportunity in her courses to see where her degree can take her.

'We get to meet successful people in our chosen field and solve practical problems. The variety in the things we do is huge.'

Laura gets to put her skills into practice at her work with Holcim NZ as a Quarry Operator. Her extra effort has proven valuable after receiving the UC College of Engineering High Achievers Award.

'You will need to work hard consistently to get pleasing results,' Laura advises, 'but also don't underestimate how much fun you'll have at uni. Engineering students are pretty proficient at the lifestyle of "work hard, play harder".'

The social side of university life was one of the main reasons Laura choose to attend UC.

'I found the campus to be more welcoming than elsewhere, and the student life, such as clubs, are better and the opportunities appear greater.'

Choosing to stay in accommodation on campus was also part of her decision.

'I knew it would be a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and make great friends. Plus being new to Christchurch this year, I found being in a hall a good intermediate step before going flatting.'

The experience so far has been fantastic, with Laura receiving the Sadie Penny Scholarship from her hall for maintaining good academic results.

'Being the smallest hall, everyone knows everyone and it's a very close knit community. The academic focus of Bishop Julius is influential in improving my academic success but there is still a really good balance with social events.'

Laura recommends first year students consider staying in a hall.

'Personally I would make living in a hall your first choice, especially in first year, as meeting new, like-minded people in a similar situation to yourself makes the transition into university life much easier.

'It's super easy to integrate yourself into the university community and make it a home away from home. There's always events on, as well as there always being places to study.'

Mayank Katira

Mayank Katira

'UC is regarded well in the field of engineering studies...'

Jennifer dickson

Jennifer Dickson

'This is work that saves lives...'