Kusal Ekanayake

'I’d like to eventually work for one of the greats, like Google, Microsoft or Apple...'

  • Kusal Ekanayake

Studying towards a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Software Engineering

From playing in a band to studying Engineering, Kusal is happiest when working in a team.

'I love technology, especially when it's software-based,' he says. 'Ever since learning about basic programming in high school and finding out there was a degree that incorporated the use of programming with teamwork, this seemed like the perfect degree for me.

'It definitely has the right balance of team-based work and independent work. I enjoy the way it incorporates logical thinking too. It's always providing me with challenges that I learn to overcome.'

Kusal agrees that the reputation of UC's Engineering degrees as having a large workload is a fair one.

'You just have to make sure you put time aside to relax and have some fun, which is extremely important when it comes to managing stress.'

One of the ways Kusal does this is to play drums in the active local rock band The Reconstruction.

'I love music and I've played a number of instruments through my time growing up, including the bass, ukulele, piano and the drums,' he says. 'I also like to organise regular events for my friends to get together, and I like to play computer games.'

While he was at high school in Lincoln, Canterbury, Kusal got a preview of life at UC when he took the popular STAR course, MATH 199. It proved useful as an introduction to university study but it also gave him more options when it came to planning his degree.

'The STAR course was a great introduction to tertiary education as I was familiar with the environment of attending lectures and I learned what the workload for a course at UC would be like,' he says. 'It meant I was able to complete a 200-level engineering maths course during my Intermediate Year, when it is normally taken in the First Professional Year, so with that out of the way I was free to explore other courses, such as Psychology and Statistics.

'STAR has helped me by making me more confident with my mathematics and taking a lot off my plate for the Intermediate Year of Engineering. It will still be an advantage in my future years of studying. I would highly recommend participating in STAR courses to anyone considering studying a tertiary education. If you put the right amount of effort and time into it, it can give you a great head start into your degree at the University of Canterbury.'

Kusal is planning a career in the software industry with his sights set on some big name companies. ‘I’d like to eventually work for one of the greats, like Google, Microsoft or Apple,’ he says.

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