Fraser Rose

'I have enjoyed the opportunity to make a good group of friends...'

  • Fraser Rose

Studying towards a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours

Having an interest in maths and physics, Fraser found it an easy decision to choose an Engineering degree that incorporates both.

‘I have always enjoyed the design and development process. Due to this, I felt an Engineering degree was a good choice,’ he says.

Settling on UC as well was inspired by its reputation in Engineering studies. After completing his first intermediate year, Fraser hopes to specialise in Mechatronics engineering.

‘I liked how well recognised the degree is and the campus appealed to me. I enjoy the social aspect of studying at UC a lot.’

To be more a part of the community, Fraser chose to stay in UC accommodation and ended up in Waitākiri Village which houses first-year students.

‘It leaves fewer things to worry about while settling into the first year of university. I have enjoyed the opportunity to make a good group of friends,’ he says. ‘Waitākiri Village is a nice hall, however, it is a reasonable distance from Uni. I would recommend having an alternative form of transport; in heavy traffic, a pushbike or car takes half the time of a bus to make the journey.’

Fraser says that while students may not get into their preferred hall of residence, the options on offer will still give you the experience of campus living that they are renown for. ‘All the halls are good. Don’t stress about which one you get into too much,’ he says.

Zoran Bakovic

Zoran Bakovic

'The knowledge one could take by doing MET at UC is both very scientific and practical...'

Katethip varanyuwatana

Kate Varanyuwatana

'Engineering at UC is very well recognised in South East Asia and CAPE at UC has a very good reputation...'