Chrysteon Dias

'I like the wide range of friends I’ve made and finding a “home away from home”...'

  • Chrysteon Dias

Studying towards a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours

‘I want to work on something that will positively impact the community, industry and world,’ Chrysteon says about choosing an Engineering degree through UC.

He particularly wanted a university with a lot of scholarships on offer, and ended up earning a UC Undergraduate Entrance Award for his high school results, and an Emerging Leaders’ Scholarship that included a leadership development programme.

He also later earned a UC Engineering Top Scholars Award for his Engineering studies so far.

‘UC has a very good BE(Hons) programme,’ he says. ‘I enjoy the high level mathematics and physics we learn, the opportunity for group work, and the challenging nature of each subject.’

He will start his professional years soon, and is considering either Electrical and Electronic Engineering or Computer Engineering as his specialisation.

UC was also a convenient choice due to being close to home, although Chrysteon also wanted the option of staying in campus accommodation.

‘It seemed like a more natural transition from living at home to living independently. It seemed to provide a support network that would be invaluable to adjusting to uni life.’

Selecting Rochester and Rutherford hall of residence, Chrysteon has definitely found the experience to be worth it for the chance to get to know other new students.

‘I like the wide range of friends I’ve made and finding a “home away from home” in my hall community,’ he says. ‘Get amongst hall life as much as you can, especially within the first few weeks, meet as many people as you can.’

He finds UC has the best of both academic and social aspects, and advises other students to maintain a balance of each the make the most of it.

‘I enjoy the campus culture, the passion of lecturers and the wide range of people that you get to interact with,’ he says.

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