Andrew Maebiru

'I want to help people in my country with their engineering needs...'

  • Andrew Maebiru

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Civil Engineering

Originally from the Solomon Islands, Andrew planned to have a rewarding career path through Civil Engineering to help develop a sustainable and modern environment for his home country.

‘My family and country are the two things that motivated me to study engineering,’ he says. ‘We are still developing and I feel like they need me so much to help in the nation building.

‘I want to be a reliable and good engineer. I want to help people in my country with their engineering needs. Besides that, I want to be a mechanic as well. I love to learn many things.’

After receiving a scholarship to support his Civil Engineering study, Andrew decided that UC was the best place to develop his skills.

‘I read from the internet that Canterbury is ranked among the best Civil Engineering schools globally,’ he says. ‘What I enjoy about studying in Canterbury firstly is telling stories with the very kind engineering students. Besides that, everything in Canterbury is very interesting and enjoyable.’

Having the opportunity to learn ways of building usable living spaces is of great value to him.

‘What I enjoy in my degree is learning new things in the engineering field. The things like designing buildings and structures. Also, meeting new friends is a happy feeling in the degree.

‘After studying I will go back to work in my country for the government for two years.’

Andrew advises those looking to study Civil Engineering to do so at UC.

‘If you want to have a degree with many kind and caring people you should come and study in Canterbury. Furthermore, you will be recognised globally because of the good global recognition. Study hard and play hard, stay focused in your studies and you will be an engineer one day.’

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