Arran Yong

‘It is easy to make friends from all around the world…’

  • Arran Yong

Studying towards a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Arran hopes to become an Electrical and Power Engineer, and then go on to become a Singapore Airlines Pilot.

UC offered him the chance to study at ‘the best Engineering School in New Zealand’ and work towards his career ambitions.

‘The staff are extremely friendly and the environment of study is brilliant. I am also planning to study Master of Engineering at UC,’ he says.

Arran had also chosen Christchurch for its lifestyle and cooler climate.

‘It is not that hot in Malaysia and I do really enjoy this relaxing weather. The environment here is actually not as busy as Kuala Lumpur, where I come from. The relaxing lifestyle is really my thing and I am cherishing this before I go back to Malaysia.’

Joining university clubs helps Arran learn leadership skills and make new friends from Malaysia and from around the world. Arran is a member of CMSA (Canterbury Malaysian Student Association) and the director of the Malam Malaysia Production Crew. He also volunteers many weekends with the Student Volunteer Army.

‘It is a really good chance to do some work while getting CCR (Co-curricular Record) for volunteering work,’ he says.

The CCR recognises workplace skills which UC graduates can claim alongside their university qualifications. CCR give students the opportunity to develop four key attributes that increase their employability in New Zealand and world-wide.

Before Arran returns to Malaysia, he hopes to hike around Mount Cook and bungy jump in Queenstown.

‘I would like to travel to every place in New Zealand before my graduation. It is really a beautiful place and I don’t think I will be coming back often once I go back to my home country.’

Safety is one of Arran’s favorite things about New Zealand, and living in a homestay gives him added security.

‘My foster parents are really lovely and they always care for me,’ he says.

‘UC is really a good place to study. It is easy to make friends from all around the world. In terms of study, lecturers are always willing to help, especially for people like me (not a native English speaker). I have no regrets studying here at UC.’

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