Nidhi Sharma

'I’m so excited to know each and every thing about life in New Zealand...'

  • Nidhi Sharma

Studying towards a PhD in Education

Nidhi decided on UC for the opportunity to complete research in Education, having studied education and science qualifications previously in India.

‘I enjoy exploring ideas and the appreciation UC has for them. I like their way of giving directions and guidance,’ she says. ‘I want to become a successful person in my area of interest.’

Her research investigates the influence a primary language has on the development of a second language in young children, specifically the bilingual reading and speaking skills of Hindi-English learners.

‘Over the years, educators and curriculum designers have been concerned about the cognitive-linguistic interaction between Hindi and English and whether this prospective relationship can have an impact on learning a second (or foreign) language when transferring the acquired skills from one language to the other,’ Nidhi says.

‘Research on cross-language transfer and its effect in early childhood is still at the earliest stage of growth in India, especially for reading skills amongst young children. This study intends to examine the relationship of morphological and phonological skills in reading ability among young children, and their performance between Hindi and English.’

UC was the ‘perfect environment for peaceful study’ for Nidhi, who looked to New Zealand for study due to the facilities and supervisors available in Education around developmental language abilities.

When she enrolled for her PhD, Nidhi also applied for one of UC’s flat accommodations so she could have independent living while still being close to campus for her research.

‘It’s a nice house with a number of facilities and the perfect environment for study. A neat, clean and green place,’ she says. ‘It is very good for my studies and experiencing life in New Zealand. I am excited to know about different cultures and cultural differences.’

Part of living in a flat, she advises, is to make sure that you get to know your flatmates and work around everyone’s needs.

‘Work as a team, but give space to others too. Understand the situation, share opinions, and occasionally do small gatherings.’

Nidhi looks forward to the new opportunities that will come about from her Education research.

‘I am experiencing plenty of things here as I am new, and I’m so excited to know each and every thing about the life in New Zealand.’

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