Manish Muthukrishnan

'University is a great place to experiment with ideas...'

  • Manish Muthukrishnan

Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Marketing

Management Consulting Analyst, PwC NZ


Coming from Bangalore, India, what made to decide on studying at UC in New Zealand?

I chose to study at UC because of the faculty. I heard that the professors at UC are great teachers and that they are very approachable. I found this to be a key deciding factor.

UC was a great place to meet a lot of fun and interesting people from around the world. I was able to make some great friends at UC.

And why Economics and Marketing studies?

I studied Economics to better understand how people make choices and how those choices affect the world. Similarly, I studied Marketing to become a better storyteller, and help people make better choices using compelling stories.

What were some highlights from your degree?

I was one of 40 students selected globally to attend a ‘Data and Public Policy’ summer programme at the University of Chicago. However, I was unable to afford the programme cost completely by myself. UC’s Business Department generously agreed to provide some financial aid to support me with this programme.

I was also awarded a scholarship to attend the 2019 GlobeChina conference in Chengdu, China.

After graduating you landed a role with PwC NZ, one of the Big Four accounting firms. What’s that been like?

The best part of working as a consultant at PwC is that you get to work with a range of different clients every year. This gives me the opportunity to learn about various industries in a hands-on way.

My role is to provide professional recommendations or solutions to clients to address their business challenges. These recommendations are based on an analysis of the client’s unique circumstances and the broader business landscape.

How did study prepare you for this?

My degree provided me with the analytical skills necessary to break down a big problem into smaller solvable chunks. This skill is very useful to me as a consultant, as it helps me solve novel problems in a streamlined and creative manner.

What would you recommend to other students to get ready for the business world?

University is a great place to experiment with ideas. There is great value in getting involved with internships, startups, or other club activities. The best way to learn something is by applying what you are taught in the classroom.

I completed two internships through UC, one in Economics (ECON 390) and another in Marketing (MKTG 390). I would highly recommend these courses to all students, especially international students. Employers in New Zealand like to employ international students with local experience. These courses are a fun, educational and interesting way to increase your employability.

I completed a project on the public sector impact of blockchain through the course ECON 390.

MKTG 390 provided me the opportunity to work with a local government organisation to develop and execute a sustainability project.

I was also selected to be a research assistant for two economics professors – Bob Reed and Tom Coupe. They were instrumental in developing my interest and passion for Economics.

It sounds like you achieved a lot at UC! What do you hope to accomplish in the future?

My career goal is to own and lead a successful social enterprise that addresses problems in the education sector.

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