Josh McSkimming

'The variety of subjects attached to the degree really enthuses me...'

  • Josh McSkimming

Bachelor of Science in Economics and Financial Engineering

Studying towards a Master of Commerce in Economics

Moving down from Auckland, UC offered Josh a whole new study opportunity that could combine all of his interests in numbers and financial technologies.

‘Open Day was a really big factor for me,’ he says. ‘I already had great interest in economics and finance but also had interests in mathematics, statistics, and engineering. Open Day introduced me to the Bachelor of Science with Financial Engineering which incorporated all these elements while still allowing me to have a second major in Economics.’

Josh was able to study a semi-professional degree in financial and mathematical programming, and his passion was rewarded with a number of scholarship and excellence awards throughout his studies.

‘The study for my undergraduate degree was incredibly interesting. I was able to do so many courses that are usually not part of an Economics degree under the Bachelor of Commerce such as Mathematics, Statistics, and Software Engineering.

‘The variety of subjects attached to the degree really enthuses me. I especially enjoy when the subjects cross over and I can use techniques and knowledge from other areas.’

The Go Waitaha Canterbury Scholarship also helped bring him here, which included volunteering events, skills workshops, social activities around the region such as skiing and Crusaders rugby games, and a stay at University Hall for the first year of study.

‘It helped me grow and introduced me to a whole host of new people,’ he says.

‘I’ve also become an avid snowboarder while at Uni – I’m still not great at it but it’s a lot of fun! UC gives such a great proximity to a number of ski fields and the Canterbury Snow Sports Club (CUSSC) provide a lot of help for getting to know the sport.’

Another new social experience for Josh was the campus Investment Society to help develop his Economics and Finance skills beyond classes.

‘Investment society is a club that does a lot more than investing, they teach a whole lot of finance-related skills for all types of people and network with many different groups.’

Now doing postgraduate studies, Josh has also taken up a tutoring role for Economics undergraduate courses.

‘I enjoy the interactivity with lecturers; especially at a postgraduate level, however much the same during my undergraduate, lecturers are always available and happy to help. I even speak with some on a daily basis which helps study immensely.’

He plans to eventually go into a career in the actuarial science field to combine all of his cross-disciplinary skills.

‘I’d like to work in an area that deals with risk and uncertainty in economic markets.’

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