Jeremiah Go

'I enjoyed three great years here...'

  • Jeremiah Go

Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Finance

Management Consultant, EY


What led you into business consulting work?

I have always been motivated to better understand how the economy works and its impact on people. I am also passionate about how financial literacy and empowerment can be used to improve people’s lives.

I really enjoy the opportunity within the consulting world to continuously learn about new topics and industries. I also love the people side of consulting, with supportive colleagues and mentors who are generous with their time. 

So what kind of work does it involve?

What I do at work can change every month! I primarily work with government and public sector organisations to solve problems, so they can be in the best position to deliver for New Zealanders. 

This recently included analysing the economic impact of COVID-19 on different demographics, developing policy options to mitigate the employment impacts of COVID-19, and evaluating the success of strategy implementations.

Wow, it all sounds like really important stuff! How have you handled those challenges?

My studies have given me a strong foundation to engage with and contribute to projects from the get go. I am more confident when providing suggestions and insights, and I bring a unique perspective to the team. The pace and intensity of learning at university has also greatly benefited me in my work. I am better able to learn on the go, and adapt in situations as needed.

How did your journey start with UC?

In Year 13, my Economics teacher at the time enrolled me in an Economics STAR course. While it was a bit of an adjustment to remote learning, I found it valuable to push my learning, and get insights into what university studies would be like. I would definitely recommend it as both a way to find out if you want to pursue education in an area, and to prepare for the learning style at university.  

In my third year at UC, I actually became a course tutor for the STAR course I completed all those years before!

What was it like studying Economics and Finance?

I enjoyed three great years here. I found the Economics and Finance Department teaching staff to be really supportive, and felt like they wanted me to succeed. I also met my fiancée at UC, and enjoyed the strong community feel on campus.

Throughout my time at UC, I also enjoyed playing hockey with the UC Hockey club, volunteering at Student Volunteer Army (SVA) events, as well as involving myself with the local Rotary club.

Now that you’re out in the workforce, what advice would you have for other Economics and Finance students?

Economics and Finance can open up a lot of different job pathways. Because the opportunities are so vast, I recommend you talk to as many people as you can. This will hopefully help you better understand how your skills and interests can best align to a certain path, and what decisions you may need to make now to shape your future. 

I would also say to never underestimate the power of building relationships during your time at university and as you begin your career. I have been fortunate enough to have amazing people offer up their time as mentors, open up opportunities, and support me through any ups and downs.

Where do you hope to end up in the future?

Personally, at the early stages of my career, I aim to be in positions where I can continue to develop, learn from successful people around me, and work with interesting organisations. In the long term, I hope to experience working for myself or owning a business.

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