Esther Marshall

'I get to explore big implications of the world...'

  • Esther Marshall

Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (Early Childhood)

Master of Teaching and Learning with an endorsement in Primary

With studies in both Early Childhood and Primary Teaching, Esther hopes to form a career around developing the education of children in New Zealand.

‘I enjoy the opportunity to develop myself and my teacher identity. I get to explore big implications of the world, and understand what privileged and marginalised children experience. I enjoy learning about how to become a teacher that stands up for diversity and equality,’ she says.

Esther was originally inspired by her mother and hands-on experiences working with children.

‘From an early age I have always had a connection with young children and really enjoyed exploring the world with them. My mother use to relieve at a centre, and one day during a staff meeting my mother brought me along to help look after the tamariki. After two hours I knew I wanted to be a teacher and educate our future leaders and give every child a quality education experience.

‘I hope to teach next year and eventually become a principal or possibly work for the Ministry of Education.’

Esther considered UC to have ‘the best teaching programme’ and wanted to get involved in its close-knit community.

‘I knew that UC would guide me into being the best teacher I could be. I also choose UC as I could use my degree overseas,’ she says. ‘I enjoy being able to express myself at UC and being supported to learn and teach. My lecturers are amazing and support me with my assignments and placements. I enjoy their different identities and learning from their experiences. I also enjoy making friends and going through Uni with like-minded people.’

Being a part of UC Football in her first year and in the general uni sporting community throughout studies has been a great way to get involved outside of teaching.

‘The girls in UC Football were very welcoming and warm. It was a great atmosphere to continue my sporting interests. I often watch different university teams in the weekends,’ she says.

Outside of study, Esther also enjoys volunteer work and has helped out with Camp Quality New Zealand for children living with cancer.

She highly recommends other students give Early Childhood Teaching a go because of its personal benefits, and the chance to make a big impact on future students.

‘Stay open minded and be expecting to question who you are and what you believe. Early childhood education can change the world.’

Quynh Nguyen

Quynh Nguyen

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Francis Shen

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