Polly Hoskins

'I enjoy the way it provokes more questions...'

  • Polly Hoskins

Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies and English

With a passion for all things literature, Polly knew that she would go onto studying English at university. Being able to specialise in Cultural Studies as well made her degree the perfect combo.

‘I wanted to develop my love of reading. I was the attracted to the programme and particularly the fact that the University offered Cultural Studies as a major,’ she says. ‘I enjoy the way it provokes more questions, it’s a wonderful way to develop your ideas.’

After her first year, Polly received an Outstanding Achievement Overall in First Year English award through the Graduate Women Canterbury Trust for her English results. The following year, Polly also received the Howard McNaughton Prize in Cultural Studies, for her results in courses on cultural politics, and popular and global cinema.

‘I love the fact that this unique Cultural Studies programme allows study into so many areas of the humanities. I enjoy the quality of teaching in my courses and the care my lecturers take to develop my skills.’

Polly spent her first two years at UC living in College House Hall of Residence, where she was the editor of The House hall magazine and a member of the Theatre Sports team. ‘I found it a deeply rewarding experience,’ she says of her time there.

Polly has also made use of the Academic Skills Centre who were ‘super supportive’ in getting her where she is today. She also enjoys the RecCentre and going to their popular Zumba classes.

Polly is hoping to continue onto a career after study that will allow her to share her enthusiasm for cultural literature with others.

‘I’m finding UC a very fulfilling experience!’

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