Courtney Green

'The multidisciplinary papers from the BCJ keep that degree varied and interesting...'

  • Courtney Green

Bachelor of Criminal Justice and a Bachelor of Laws

The idea of being an advocate for people drives Courtney in both her studies and her outside interests.

'I have always had an interest in the law and so I chose to pursue it at university. The Bachelor of Criminal Justice has fostered my interest in prisons and corrections and sparked other interests in areas such as social policy as well.'

So far, Courtney has found her studies stimulating and practical.

'Studying Law is fascinating. Law affects every part of our lives and the skills the degree teaches you are so applicable. The multidisciplinary papers from the Bachelor of Criminal Justice keep that degree varied and interesting. The two degrees complement each other, but still have different things to offer, which I love!'

Hailing from Ashburton in mid-Canterbury, Courtney says her choice of university was a 'no-brainer'.

'UC's School of Law has a great reputation - it is pretty well known that the lecturers write the textbooks, which is a bonus too. I love Christchurch, and all it has to offer. The campus itself has a great culture and everyone is so friendly. The opportunities are endless and the staff are incredibly supportive.'

One such opportunity has meant that Courtney's awareness of other people's struggles can be fostered in a novel social enterprise. She has come up with the concept of establishing a library-style scheme to make specialist equipment available for people who are disabled, ill or need end-of-life care. Having presented her business case, she won a Summer Start Up scholarship, an initiative that encourages students to develop their ideas in an entrepreneurial community.

'There is a massive amount of people who have an unmet need for equipment that would drastically improve their quality of life. The problem stems from three factors - accessibility, time and cost,' she explains.

'It is a reality that if the necessary equipment is not available then the responsibility can fall on the family, causing a lot of physical and mental stress during a difficult time.

'Similar to a book or toy library, the users could pay a very small fee and have access to equipment to improve their quality of life. The equipment could include donated or surplus equipment. The library could be accessed from an online database which would be accessible for most people.'

In the longer term, Courtney's options are wide open. 'I would like to practise law, and criminal law in particular interests me,' she says. 'I enjoy anything social and travelling, both in New Zealand and overseas, and I would really like to work abroad.'

She adds, 'I would say to anyone thinking about studying Law or Criminal Justice to absolutely do it! The experiences you can have at UC are ones you will never forget!'

Sharna Moffat

Sharna Moffat

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Robert Petch

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