Fiorella Cassolino Ibarra

'Studying something I love motivates me and excites me for every class and my future...'

  • Fiorella Cassolino Ibarra

Studying towards a Bachelor of Communication in Communication Strategy and Practice

‘Studying something I love motivates me and excites me for every class and my future,’ Fiorella says about her Communication studies.

Fiorella started off her university journey studying Design in Auckland to go towards a career in advertising, but changed direction after word from a friend studying UC’s new Bachelor of Communication, which better suited her passion in media and marketing influences.

‘I investigated more and thought it was interesting and that it was exactly what I wanted to study. It involves looking at how media shapes us and how media influences us. My study also involves learning about how to manage a company, strategic communication, advertising, and so much more!’

Being able to study a degree focused on evolving media technologies and audience engagement has given Fiorella the opportunity she needed to pursue her career goals more closely.

‘I love being able to explore and learn more about the fast-growing platform that media is. Before starting this degree, I had no idea that some companies could go to such extremes to advertise and to try sell! I am also did an internship this year, which is getting me very excited as the internship gives me the work experience in the field I am studying before finishing my degree. Every lecture is fun!’

UC itself also turned out to be a great fit for what she wanted out of university life.

‘I choose to study at UC because of how everyone talked to me about it. Everyone I knew that had been studying at UC said it was a very nice community and everyone was friendly, and it was nice getting up in the morning to go into Uni,’ she says.

‘All the staff at UC is extremely helpful, not to mention the amazing campus; moving down to Christchurch to study at UC was probably the best decision I have ever made. Anyone wanting to study at UC should 100% do it. For any degree, studying at UC is such a good experience and you’ll meet so many people, and it truly is the best University and I love it so much.’ 

Involvement in clubs has been especially important to Fiorella’s overall experience at UC. She is an active member of UC Hockey Club, CUBA (UC Boardriders Association), and CUPS (UC Pong Society), which she says are ideal ways to meet other students through events.

‘When I am not studying, I do a lot of the clubs’ activities. I am also part of COMSOC (Communication Society) that we are currently trying to get back up and running for future students to enjoy being part of a BC Club.’

She also puts her communication skills to practice with a fitness blog documenting her hockey, gym, and healthy living habits, while balancing her studies with work as a bartender.

Looking towards her future career goals, Fiorella plans to go towards PR or advertising, with her biggest ambition to work for companies overseas.

As such, Fiorella advises others wanting to study Communication is ‘just have fun’ with such an engaging and hands-on degree programme.

‘Enjoy every class! The whole Communications Department is so lovely and are always there to help if you are stuck, so just enjoy the degree because it is such a fun degree and you learn so much.’

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Anisha Satya

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