Soo Jeong (Johnny) Lee

'This degree is pretty much everything I always wanted to do...'

  • Johnny Lee

Bachelor of Speech and Language Pathology with Honours

Johnny is confident that she is studying ‘the best degree in New Zealand!’ She came to Speech and Language Pathology indirectly, having started her time at UC on the Engineering programme. It was through a friend she met in her hall of residence that she discovered speech therapy and realised that it was her true calling.

‘Helping people is something I have always been interested in doing,’ she says. ‘When I was younger I wanted to get into a medical degree because I love meeting people from different backgrounds and helping them, but I just can't take the blood. This degree is pretty much everything I always wanted to do – without the fainting!’

She enjoys not only the course content but also the colleagues she has met and friends she has made since she switched degrees.

‘We study various things in the BSLP, from linguistics to neuroscience to communication disorders – all from the perspective of a speech and language therapist,’ she says. ‘This degree is just beautifully put together, as each year builds a strong foundation for the next year and the ones to come after. Once you are through the Intermediate Year, you immediately get treated like a speech therapist and I think it is a brilliant way to learn how to be one.

‘The students are absolutely fantastic, kind people. The lecturers are also super-helpful and they are always willing to put some time aside for you especially to clarify or re-explain.’

Johnny has some good tips for other students about managing the workload.

‘I go through the materials I’ve been taught each day so I don't have to stress about them later on,’ she says. ‘It’s good to study hard, but remember to give yourself a break and have fun once in a while! And do try to form study groups. I really, really mean that. Everything is so much easier to learn when you share and take in information from others.’

Away from study, Johnny works as a care giver in a residential home, and relaxes by spending time with friends and going to movies.

One of the things she is enjoying about student life at UC is that no two days are the same. ‘There is always something new happening on campus, and lots of events run by the many clubs which anyone is welcome to join. I love everything about this uni, it’s a wondrous place!’

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