Palash Khandelwal

'The journey throughout UC has created heaps of opportunities for me to work and grow...'

  • Palash Khandelwal

Master of Business Management

After completing Civil Engineering studies in India, Palash set his sights on business strategy and consultancy, with hopes to one day start his own venture in New Zealand.

‘From all my experiences working in different sectors of management, I have developed exceptionally versatile skills, which always helps and motivates me to keep working towards my goal and complete my degree,’ he says.

Palash chose to study UC’s Master of Business Management (MBM) programme, which he says is especially suited to learning general business management skills for those with only a few years of experience.

‘My degree strikes a balance between theoretical and practical work. The best part about the course I enjoy is the diversity among the students, which brings more competition while studying. This allows me to come out of my comfort zone and increase my innovative skills.’

Alongside receiving a Dean’s Award for his overall results, Palash was also keen to get involved with extracurricular opportunities for more experience with his business management studies. This included an internship with Buzzfeed Media, part-time work as a Careers Ambassador for UC, and taking part in the 48-hour UCE Social Entrepreneurship Challenge. 

Palash was also the winner for MYOB’s Hackday 2018, in which participants are placed within teams of MYOB employees and develop a business solution to improve company practices. Palash’s team created an MYOB volunteering portal that allowed employees to easily select and be approved for a community project or charity to volunteer with. MYOB later fully implemented the design into their business, and immediately had employees signing up to volunteering efforts using the portal.

‘The part I enjoy about studying at UC is the way of teaching and learning experience one gets from here. The study advice and planning for a career, and the environment that keeps you trying different things also help you to develop skills that last your whole life. 

‘Being in UC, I evolved from just a student to being part of one of the biggest start-up communities, UC Centre for Entrepreneurship, and am now looking forward to starting my own venture. The journey throughout UC has created heaps of opportunities for me to work and grow.’

Another big advantage to studying at UC was the option to stay at Ilam Apartments accommodation close to campus, which helped introduce Palash to New Zealand and other diverse cultures amongst the student community.

‘My UC accommodation experience was pretty amazing. Meeting people from different places, living with them, learning their culture, and vice versa,’ he says. ‘I was in Manuka with a 6-bedroom apartment and found it super cool, as you get to live with 6 new people from different cultures. And the best part of Manuka is that it is very close to Uni, which eventually helped me to get some extra sleep in the morning.’

The chance to be involved in community hall events was a particularly great opportunity for Palash.

‘I participated in almost every activity, starting from the day one dinner to the breakfast during exams, the movie shows, the activities for learning different skills such as learning sign language, math tutorials, and learning the Māori language.’

He recommends other international students consider living at a hall of residence for the academic, social, and cost benefits it brings to your UC experience.

‘UC accommodation is quite safer than any other in the city, and really close to Uni. So, if you are a new student coming for the first time to New Zealand, you will find the place more happening, safe, and it will save a lot of initial cost of buying stuff and selling them when you leave the hall.’

From his journey so far, Palash is looking forward to launching his business career in New Zealand soon.

‘UC has a very good reputation in the global market and if we consider the Business and Law College, then you have heaps of opportunities out there once you graduate.’

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